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    Frame flex fundamental question

    Just tossing this information out there. "Water Tank Truck Body Mounts"
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    Registering under a Montana LLC

    The vehicle may not be currently titled as a motorhome/RV.
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    New Fuso 4x4

    I wouldn't remove the later models off the table. If you do look at pre-emission trucks, take a good look at the frames. Especially if the truck has been used for plowing snow.
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    Mitsubishi advice needed

    Try to find out just how bad they want it gone. If it can’t move under its own power, offer to tow it away for free.
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    High output alternator

    Why do you feel you need a high output alternator?
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    Fuso Insulated Box Truck Conversion

    I’ve posted enough links. You’ll get the ideal. Don and Kim Greene's Fuso build using a customized cargo body.
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    Fuso Insulated Box Truck Conversion

    A remodeling link for the Greene’s Build.
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    Fuso Insulated Box Truck Conversion

    A link for a FG Cargo Body build.
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    Fuso Insulated Box Truck Conversion

    You might try contacting Morgan to see if they will drop ship a Cargo Body to a dealer near you. They might ship a unit without a rear door and supply a blank panel sized to cover the opening. The dealer should be able to mount the Cargo Body on the truck. You might try companies that work on...
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    Help finding insurance

    Have you been successful in your quest to source insurance coverage?
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    Help finding insurance

    Sourcing insurance coverage on these trucks is problematic, but not impossible. It you're getting a loan for the vehicle, the loan company will require more than just liability coverage. Physically walk into the office of an Independent Insurance Agent with a picture of the vehicle and the...
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    Buying a Fuso canter 4x4

    When doing an inspection look for snow plow mounts on the front.
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    Fuso 140FG box size selection

    Welcome to the forum. Sounds like a plan. When you consider the width of a bed, the length of a dinette and the size of a shower stall, fourteen feet, in length, is as short as you’ll want to go. Mitsubishi used to have Body Builder Guides/Directives that went back several years. Looks like...
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    Convert 2019/20 4x2 Fuso 140 FE (gas) to 4x4?

    Keep in mind these truck are considered commercial, then add a DIY conversion on the back and you'll find that sourcing vehicle insurance becomes problematic, but not impossible. With a good set of tires that have an aggressive tread pattern, a 2WD vehicle will take you a lot of places. If you...
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    what wood to install between frame and deck?

    Next time a truck with a cargo body pulls up along side of you, glance over and you'll see material sandwitched between the cargo body's subframe and the truck's frame rails. The industry standard used to be oak, not sure what it is today.
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    Fuso FG83C Front Bumper Ideas (Non winch)

    Kind of partial to this design, but I don’t have any details other than the photo. Incorporating a receiver hitch into the design would be a plus.
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    RWD NPR - Ok, so we're NOT climbing the Andes....

    Some inspiration;
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    RWD NPR - Ok, so we're NOT climbing the Andes....

    Welcome to the forum. With an aggressive tire pattern a 2WD truck will take you a lot of places. If the truck comes with a Cargo Body that’s in good shape, it would be a plus. Stay away from Cargo Bodies with translucent fiberglass roofs as these are fragile. Morgan makes a good quality...
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    Extending my frame need info

    Then it makes perfect sense to have the work done in Mexico.
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    Mitsubishi Fuso Canter Comfort

    You can start by reducing tire pressures. There’s no need to run at maximum pressures if you’re not running at maximum load. Weight the vehicle at a scale and adjust the tire air pressure based on the tire manufacturers pressure/load chart.