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    Ottawa,Canada-2015 4runner Trail premium 11,500miles 26,100$

    For sale is our 2015 Toyota 4runner Trail Edition Premium with around 11,500 miles. This truck has every option possible catering to the outdoor/offroad enthusiast. Options such as durable weatherproof seats , rear locking differential , crawl control , KDSS ( allows sway bars to articulate...
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    dj's 2015 TEP build

    A month ago I purchased a barcelona red 2015 trail premium 4runner with 7000miles. I'll be using this thread to document the on going build of this truck.It will be built will utility in mind and will also be built "lighter" compared to my previous trucks. I've had my fair share of experience...
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    80 Land cruiser diesel triple locked! legal to import !Cheap! NORTHEAST

    Up for sale is my 1990 Toyota Land Cruiser diesel (hdj81) with 1hdt 4.2 turbo diesel. - 178 XXX miles ( this will change since I still drive it daily) - Automatic trans - Center diff lock , Front locker and Rear Locker - Air conditioning (will need recharge) - Center console fridge (with ice...
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    Testing waters: CVT Mt- Shasta with Annex RTT ( Roof top tent) Northeast

    Testing the waters to see if there is any interest in the rtt I have. It is a CVT Mt-Shashta tent in great condition with the lower Annex. I added a remote controlled LED strip in the tent with a dimmer (great feature). Condition: Tent is in excellent condition. Tent cover has some sun fading...
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    The Storm trooper 4th gen 4runner

    Creating this thread to document the progression/changes with my truck.This is my 3rd toyota truck. First was this guy. (2000 4runner 5spd locked rear) Then it was the 1990 pickup. I swapped a vw tdi into it, awsome truck that would go anywhere at stock height 33"km2 and an e locked rear.It...
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    Keep the 4th gen 4runner or go with a hdj81 (80 series diesel)?

    So here's the deal, I need some constructive criticism on this situation I am in ( I know this may be a biased section to post in). I own a 2005 4runner with the 4.0 v6 and love the truck.However , my dream truck has always been the 80 series with the 1hdt diesel in it. Today I found a 1994...
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    WTB: awning under 200$ 6ft+ in length.

    I was going to purchase an arb 2000 awning however I thought I would check out the used market . Looking for something that is atleast 6ft in length and under 200$.
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    Looking for a Wildernest (6ft box toyota pickup) U.S or Canada!

    Hi guys i've contacted 2 people on craigslist for wildernest campers i've found but no luck getting a response! If you guys have a wildernest or know of one for sale please let me know! Must fit a 6ft box (tacoma,toyota pickup, ranger ,s10) I'm from Ottawa Canada but I dont mind taking a long...
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    dj's 1990 toyota pickup / vw tdi hybrid utilitarian build

    After receiving a few requests to start a thread on here for my truck , I decided to give it a go and show you guys my progress with the truck. My first Toyota was a 2000 4runner 3.4 5spd combo with full armor , rear locker and a few other goodies. The truck was dead reliable but with the...