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  1. pluton

    Need recommendations for new tough rain shell

    If the OP, or anyone, is the kind of person for whom rain jackets tend to last 20 or 30 years (like me), get one that uses Gore Tex as the breathable barrier. All the other Gore Tex competitors, like DryVent, Entrant, MemBrain, H2ono, etc , etc, probably won't last past about the 15 year mark...
  2. pluton

    ExploreDesert - Into the Mojave - Baker Area

    Super report. Photos and text capture the feeling of that area well.
  3. pluton

    New Garmin Montana 700 Series GPS Units with 5" Touchscreen and InReach Capable

    Be patient with the setup; think of setting it up as a multi-day, multi-trip process. The words "Garmin" and "intuitive" are rarely used in the same sentence. My experience with the TopoActive map was not quite as bad as yours in the remote area I tried it (Mojave Preserve, CA). Only a few...
  4. pluton

    New Garmin Montana 700 Series GPS Units with 5" Touchscreen and InReach Capable

    inReach replaced a satellite phone for me as well. I use Gaia (on iPhone) and the Montana 700i in tandem: 2 unrelated systems, 2 sets of waypoints, etc. If the 66i screen backlight goes substantially brighter than the Montana 700 series, that'd be an argument for the 66i. Agree with the others...
  5. pluton

    Generator ban in California?

    I will not camp where there is a possibilty that I will hear or smell generators. Selected quotes from the coverage, vis L.A. Times and Ars Technica: If the state does not act, emission levels from small engines are expected to increase. By 2031, small engine emissions will be more than twice...
  6. pluton

    Gaia vs Onx

    As one who is experienced at using GIS tools professionally, I'll take your word on the descriptions/comparisons of the UX style. However, your description of the download speeds being slow don't seem to match my experience. As a casual, non-pro user, I have no actual metrics...I didn't time my...
  7. pluton

    Gaia GPS Premium - is it worth upgrading?

    Definitely spend the $20. It's cheap and it'll last a year. Plenty of time to get a feel for map downloading. Once you have downloaded the maps, you can use them w/o a cell data connection. Download a larger area than you think you'll need. Paying the subscription allows use of some...
  8. pluton

    Thinking about dropping the hi-lift

    Hot Ticket (as Marv Spector sometimes used to say): buy one, or better, two additional handle extensions for the Toyota bottle jack. Then you can comfortably crank it while not having to be close to, or partially under, the vehicle, depending on your choice of jacking point. Note: Due to slight...
  9. pluton

    ARB compressor in a Zarges case

    My take: I'm looking at that same ARB single compressor for when my current one goes belly up. The case they sell it in is junk...a cheap $13 toolbox . I would go with a Pelican, Storm, or other HD plastic case. Even with vibration isolators, rubber washers, etc I fear that the Zarges type...
  10. pluton

    Front Runner Wolf Packs

    FYI: The current Wolf Packs have 'new improved' latches. They look much less fiddly, but just as cheapo, as the original latches.
  11. pluton

    Garmin inReach Mini Review: No More Missed Calls

    I bought a different inReach device (Montana 700i) in March 2021, and I've been pleased with the inReach part of it. As with the satphone for 8 years before, I haven't needed to use it, but it has worked every time I've tested it.
  12. pluton

    Scepter Water Jug - What am I Doing Wrong?

    The Scepter design appears not to be the best tool for your purpose. One can, of course, get a high flow from the Scepter by taking the cap off and pouring through the large opening. It seems that a funnel would additionally be needed to make that work for your setup?
  13. pluton

    Jackery Solar Generator 1500: The Best Solution for Powering Camp?

    I love the idea, but they've gotta fix that 13-hour charge time from a running car. No one drives 13 hours on a camping/overland/hunting trip. I think 6 hours to full recharge from a car electrical system would be acceptable.
  14. pluton

    Tired of spilling gas while filling generators. Transfer pump or???

    I had to use a rented Honda 2200 generator earlier this year. I found that having a bright, narrow beam LED flashlight to illuminate the filler hole was a big help in seeing the fuel level as I was filling.
  15. pluton

    Batteries for portable pack

    Antigravity batteries now offer a deep cycle that, according to them, is an exact fit for group 31 dimensions.
  16. pluton

    Front Runner Wolf Packs

    I've got 4 Wolf Packs, but carry them inside the vehicle. For outside storage in and amongst the elements, Pelican-style cases are better. I wouldn't put delicate or dirt-sensitive gear like camera gear in Wolf Packs
  17. pluton

    Fridge Straps?

    I bought Trekboxx straps. They use toothless buckles that are IMO superior to regular 'cam buckles' that feature the sharpened metal teeth that slowly destroy the webbing. If you order from Trekboxx, ask for longer than normal straps. I got normal length, and ended up having to replace the...
  18. pluton

    rechargeable light recommendation sought

    For those that are tired of the [IMO unrealistic]cool blue light that comes from almost all available LED lanterns, flashlights, and headlamps, Pelican makes a "Color Correct" series of flashlights and headlamps that produce a light color similar to an incandescent light bulb...
  19. pluton

    Base map for. Road trips

    Gaia's *Gaia Topo* is an efficient vector map, and therefore can cover huge areas of the country for just a few gigs of storage. Conveniently stored on your phone or tablet---preferably both. It seems to be pretty good as far as I've used it, certainly for the paved roads. I did travel on a...
  20. pluton

    Exploring Southern Utah Episode 2, The Flint Trail

    Very nice to have this documentation. Looking forward to seeing some more "real time" trails.