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  1. LukeD

    Fiberglass Hightop Antenna Type and Placement Advice

    I am looking to install a CB and 2M antenna on my rig, problem is I don't know if I have enough (or any) ground plane to work with. I thought I would side mount both firestick antennas, 1/4 wave 15" 2m firestik and 3' CB firestik to my fiberglass top. After doing some more reading I may have to...
  2. LukeD

    Trying to decide on a top for my 2003 E350 EB - Soliciting Opinions

    I don't know why this is such a difficult decision to make. I've been planning for the day to come when I'll be ready for a top and that day is almost here, but I continue to find myself running round and round in my head with which style top to got with. I purchased the van in Oct 2009, slowly...
  3. LukeD

    Looking for sliding Door Entry Threashold Part # or source

    Hi there, I'm hoping there is someone can help, I am looking for the part number or source for the large black plastic threshold for my sliding door van, see pic. Is this something the dealer would be able to look up? Any ideas on what the correct name for it is? Any help is appreciated
  4. LukeD

    Free - 4 Ford Gray Captains Seats

    Very nice set of captains seats, came out of 2003 ford passenger van, was going to use in my UjointOffRoad van but lost access to fabricator. Free to any local expo member (gladly accept donation of case of Diet Coke or Pepsi), can't store any longer, moving and must go by Monday the 21st I'm...
  5. LukeD

    Modified Coleman Tent Trailer Toy Hauler - $3900 Fresno, CA

    1986 Coleman Chesapeake Lifted and modified with a second 20 foot sub frame made with 2x3" square tubing, 4 foot front and rear decks to haul 2 full size ATVs, several dirt bikes, wood, gear, etc. Nearly full tear down and remodel done by my wife and I in 2011 What was replaced; Flooring...
  6. LukeD

    Coleman Off-Road ATV and Tent Trailer - Fresno, CA - $3900

    Selling my tent trailer, pictures here Looking to sell my custom built Coleman Tent Trailer. It was rebuilt from the ground up by me, lifted and modified to carry 2 ATVs (Quads). It started life as an 86 Coleman, was stripped down to the bare...
  7. LukeD

    "The Man Van" - UJOINT Conversion Update

    Just wanted to post an update on the progress of my van. I started my uJoint conversion about this time last year. I did the SAS swap first and just finished the t-case, transmission, tank and gears last month. This is what it looked like the day I bought it and brought it home. (Oct 2009)...
  8. LukeD

    Looking for Full size Van Picture with Baja Bumper and Large Roof Rack

    I am looking for any pictures of a full size van with a baja style front bumper and a full length roof rack I want to see how it will look and have a small concern it could look funny with the baja bumper and a roof rack with lights in front/side/rear Thank you Luke
  9. LukeD

    Tripplite PowerVerter 3000 Watt

    I have a Tripplite RV3012OEM PowerVerter 3000 Watt Pure Sine Wave inverter/charger I was going to install in my van, plans have changed Full specs can be seen at new in the box it shipped in $750 shipped to lower...
  10. LukeD

    Utility Bed as a Trailer (specific advice)

    I have it in my head that using a utility bed as the base for my trailer is the way to go. I have a pile of kids so I have a Ford E350 7.3PSD passenger van and I want to build a matching trailer with a couple of roof top tents, kitchen, cargo etc. I will pull it around the mountains of central...