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  1. Choff

    Need recommendations for new tough rain shell

    Carhart has a new jacket and bibs that are tough Defender series
  2. Choff

    GPS recommendations for seniors

    Will a Garmin handheld work ? , seams simple
  3. Choff

    Vandit - A Build Thread - 2013 E-Series Camper Van/4x4 Build

    great job !!!! You are very talented Very simple and done right to Sleep in
  4. Choff

    Long way from home - 2004 Chevrolet Express AWD

    You did great mods on your Van-color is great! Keep on Trucking !!
  5. Choff

    Ford Dodge or Mercedes van

    So at this point -WHAT VAN ARE YOU THINKING ???
  6. Choff

  7. Choff

    Ford Dodge or Mercedes van

    With the dealer cost of A diesel Sprinter Van with AWD, higher diesel fuel cost, oil changes, repairs down the road, and were do you wash a high top van ? All for fuel mileage? And if it is your daily driver why do you need to stand up inside? My daily driver is a 2005 AWD Savana, LOW TOP, with...
  8. Choff

    Ford Dodge or Mercedes van

    I vote an AWD full size GMC or Chev - only made a few years I have driven one for 14 years in Wisconsin winters and they go through snow like butter with 32 gal gas tank and good tires.
  9. Choff

    Improving factory seats

    I have pulled both front seats and but new foam and increased the foam in the lumbar area and put new heated seat pads in back and seat best thing I did for driving comfort. Get a hog ring tool and clips and go at it!!!
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  11. Choff

    FOUND Vans For Sale!

    I would run !!!!! , just does not sound good, the ad or owners response. Their will be others for sale
  12. Choff

    Which van to start with?? Please help

    I have had a 2005 AWD GMC Savana full conversion van for 13 years. Low roof type, drive and park and go through car washes. Love it !!!!!!!! We can sleep in it for days, haul 7 people belted in. You get the picture I like it !! AND YOU CAN FIND THEM FULLY LOADED FOR NOT A LOT OF $
  13. Choff

    1990 PROVAN TIGER ASTRO VAN not mine
  14. Choff

    Chevy AWD

    Been their done that, I put a Magna Flow on , It was like driving a beer can, a little to loud interior noise for Vanning. And no I am not that old that I love loud Pipes. Just not in the Van Took it off.
  15. Choff

    Chevy/GMC floor mats

    Got these years ago, Auto store or Farm & Fleet in Wisconsin, for our 2005 GMC AWD Van I did cut down the pass. side to fit. Work great
  16. Choff

    GM fullsize AWD Van Info thread

    I may have to replace my rack also. 231,000 miles, I am going to stock GM part replacement. it's work this long !!
  17. Choff

    Seeking Advice, Powertrax No-Slip in an Econoline Bus.

    2005 GMC AWD with stock locking rear end, Driving van over 150,000 miles in all kinds of the worst wisconsin weather can dish out ! Go for it !!
  18. Choff

    Insane looking bus on a military chassis up for auction, Alberta

    Wow !! big and brawny make a cool camper rig, but then what ??
  19. Choff

    Anyone use one of the collapsible silicone tea kettles?

    Got one and they work great with not a lot of space!!