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  1. Trikebubble

    One night in Tuktoyaktuk - our Northern Adventure

    I have always wanted to venture North, for as long as I could remember this dream has stuck like glue inside my head. To be able to finally explore the part of our Country that seemed so out of reach growing up has always been at the top of my must-do before I leave this planet list. A couple...
  2. Trikebubble

    Hawkeye Rovi - an adventure Tundra build.

    NAME: Hawkeye Rovi (a combination of the FWC Hawk which is on order, and Rovi for Rovinaglia, a little personal tribute to my late Father named after his hometown village in Italy) PURCHASED: June 2017 with 65K km's YEAR: 2014 MAKE: Toyota MODEL: Tundra TRD Off-Road Double Cab ENGINE: iForce...
  3. Trikebubble

    Backcountry Navigator offline map recommendation?

    We are going to be travelling from BC to Colorado at the end of the month and I am trying to figure which offline map source ro save. Our travels will be split between highways and byways, and offroad where it may interest us. We are heading from our home in the Okanagan Valley to the Missoula...
  4. Trikebubble

    Sceptre MFC fuel cans transported on back?

    I've seen a few pictures of people transporting their Scepter MFC fuel cans laying in their back, instead of standing upright. Anyone have any issues with leaking or anything transporting them like this? I'd prefer to secure them like this, if it's safe to do so. Sent from my iPhone using...
  5. Trikebubble

    Replacement Roof Rack for Xterra?

    At some point (sooner hopefully than later) I would like to replace the stock roof rack with a decent aftermarket one. Something that the RTT can attach to, and still allow for some storage. The options seems to be getting more and more limited, so far I like the looks of the Gobi Stealth Rack...
  6. Trikebubble

    Stemwinder Weekender - An Off The Leash Adventure

    Any adventure is what you make of it, or so I believe it should be. This past weekend was more of an exercise in destination than one of journey, probably a 75/25 split in favor of the final spot. My Wife and I were looking for a weekend getaway, one of the relaxing type variety. Life can run...
  7. Trikebubble

    Gobi ladder and rooftop tent on Xterra?

    Does anyone have an idea of clearance of the Gobi ladder when the hatch is opened? I'm trying to figure if one would clear the base of my rooftop tent. If anyone has a side picture of the ladder with their hatch open, it would help. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Trikebubble

    07 Off The Leash Adventure Xterra

    I've been lurking around for awhile now, reading and learning and stuff. I thought I might as well post up what I'm driving, and what my goals are for her. She is a 2007 Xterra Off-Road. I love this truck (yeh, I call it a truck). I had a Jeep TJ prior to this, and the X there is just no...