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  1. B.N.Z.MTNS

    I finally found one!

    Well finally, after a few months of searching for the right rig to get a Montero back into our family again, I went ahead and pulled the trigger on this one. I shared on the Facebook page, but wanted to share here as well as I will be a regular visitor gleaning more information as I continue to...
  2. B.N.Z.MTNS

    Considering another Gen 2

    Well, it’s been a couple years since I’ve been on here since I sold my 95 LS. Family life happened and we needed cash for some other things, so the toys had to go. However, I am considering another capable rig again and still miss many aspects of the Gen 2 Montero. I have purposely avoided...
  3. B.N.Z.MTNS

    Possible parts rig... opinions?

    Hey y’all, I have located a 1995 SR that is for sale locally. It is running, but has significant body damage and overall cosmetically totaled. I am obviously considering the purchase to rob the axles and related locker equipment. My question is twofold. What is a fair price range for an...
  4. B.N.Z.MTNS

    Any concerns putting these on my 95 LS?

    I found these Toyota wheels from a 2015 SR5. They have near new 285/75-16 Toyo AT2s. I know they will fit fine on factory backspace, but the Toyota wheels are at 4.5 BS. I'm contemplating .5" or .75" spacer to bring everything back closer to factory track width. -Does anyone know from...
  5. B.N.Z.MTNS

    Is there really no bolt on power mods for 3.0?

    So I'm new to this Mitsubishi thing, but not new to improving a vehicles abilities. Usually that involves better, suspension, better drivetrain components and better engine performance. It seems that there is plenty of options for the first 2, but not much out there for engine mods (3.0...
  6. B.N.Z.MTNS

    Howdy y'all...Another new Mitsu convert.

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum, I've been hanging out off and on but never had much to talk about on here until recently. I'm new to Monteros, but not new to off-road adventures. I grew up in the back of a 1980 Jeep Cherokee in the mluntains of Colorado and 4wd had been a staple in my life...