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  1. javajoe79

    Solid state PDM or power distribution module.

    Is anyone using one of these for this application yet? Seems like an untapped resource. I use them occasionally in the custom car/race cars that I build. Many of them have limited inputs and or can bus control only but recently I came across an option that offers fully analog inputs for...
  2. javajoe79

    NPR Elf side view mirrors

    I’d like to run mirrors like this rather than the giant door mounted units common on US versions. I can’t find the arms that mount them though. The sockets that the arms mount to are there on the US market trucks but...
  3. javajoe79

    Underhung cargo boxes

    What do you have, what do you like about them and what changes would you make? please post detailed pictures if you don’t mind. I’m starting to think about building mine and would love some real world feedback
  4. javajoe79

    Parts sources

    Specifically a manual transmission shifter assembly and cables for an NPR. I am pretty sure that any year 5th generation will bolt in and other years won't be too far off. I have already tried Busbee. If anyone can recommend another source that would be great.
  5. javajoe79

    Mirror mounts for Isuzu NPR NPS?

    My truck is a 1996 US market NPR. It has what appears to be sockets for mirror mounts at each front corner. They are capped off on top. I've never noticed another NPR that used them but they all seem to have them installed. I attached a pic of one removed from my cab. They normally have a...
  6. javajoe79

    Favorite glues for XPS foam.

    It’s time to start gluing my insulation in. What do you prefer and why? Gluing to aluminum.
  7. javajoe79

    cargo drawer slide sources

    I searched but didn't come up with much. I've found plenty of them online from various sources but does anyone know of a one stop shop for all things slides? Thanks
  8. javajoe79

    Hypothetical setup with an available 50volt bank

    I have a big pile of lithium batteries from some newer nissan hybrids. Each module is 50v. 5 cells per module. Would it make sense to use these to build a battery bank? I could use a golf cart 48v to 12v converter for the output. What would be the best charger to utilize solar and alternator?
  9. javajoe79

    Nickel metal hybride battery

    Feel free to talk me out of this. I have access to several hybrid battery packs from a customer who dismantles cars. The two I have sitting here are 300v and 5.5ah. They are made up of mutiple 6 volt sticks in series. If I took them apart to create a 12v system I end up with about 137ah right...
  10. javajoe79

    Trouble searching.... DC to DC charger for larger battery banks

    Looking at different chargers and it seems that most are limited to 200amp/hr battery banks. What is everyone using for larger battery banks? Are you using two or more chargers?
  11. javajoe79

    NPR cab wiring harness main plug question

    So I am starting in to wiring my project and I've been looking through the manual. Nowhere can I find a picture or mention of this small white plug shown in the picture. I am thinking it was added on for whatever accessories were installed on this truck before. Does that sound right? It is...
  12. javajoe79

    Isuzu NPR fuel level sending unit ohm range?

    I am fitting a different tank to my truck and I have not sending unit yet. I can order a sending unit to fit my tank, SAE 5 bolt pattern. There are several ohm range options. What does isuzu use? 0-90, 10-75?
  13. javajoe79

    Watts link rear suspension

    I know I have seen this on at least one truck here. Any input? I've been thinking of one for my build using off the shelf tie rod ends and a wheel hub assembly for a Chevy truck as the pivot. Minimal fabrication on my part and cheap replacement parts.
  14. javajoe79

    Caster angle

    Does anyone know the factory setting for caster on your typical npr or fuso? My truck is obviously not factory but it's a start. It's currently about 2 degrees and anywhere up to around 10 degrees seems common. Just wondering what is typical on a truck like this and if I should try for more.
  15. javajoe79

    Quik Latch hood pins for cabinets.

    Anyone use these in your camper? I use them frequently in my line of work, automotive fabrication. They make excellent, high quality products and I had been thinking about using their mini version for my cabinets. I came across this video today. With the assist spring, the mini latches would...
  16. javajoe79

    Baseboard heat or other radiant heat with no fan using espar for heat source.

    Seems that people mostly use a small radiator with a fan to heat their campers when the heat source is hydronic. My camper is rather small and I am thinking that baseboard heater pipes would work well enough and require no fan. I could install them along the edge of the floor in my camper. That...
  17. javajoe79

    Can we get a list going of real world MPG with your rig?

    If this is already on here somewhere please direct me there. I searched and didn't find what I was looking for. I would like to get an idea of real world MPG numbers with different rigs. I know it can vary greatly but Please include truck, engine, transmission, final drive ratio, tire size...
  18. javajoe79

    Roof escape hatches.

    I am looking for a large roof escape hatch, preferably with a clear lid. I found pics of one by Heki but I read that they are not reliable and break plus the pricetag is pretty high. I don't mind the high price if it will be durable. What do you folks recommend?
  19. javajoe79

    Gluing glass panels into aluminum frame. Sika?

    I've touched on this subject before but never got a direct recommendation for a product. I have a call in to Sika so I will post here what they say but I would like to hear of any first hand experience with this. I have some blank, tempered, double pane windows that I had fabricated by a...
  20. javajoe79

    FS: Ford Dually mud tires and wheels. Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ 315/75-16

    Again these came on my project truck and I am converting over so 37" singles. I have a new set of wheels and tires for Ford duallys. The tires are Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ 315/75-16 load range E. These are 35" tall and retail for around $300 each. The wheels are Ultra Wheels Worx Triad. 16"...