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  1. Trikebubble

    Thought on this rig- 80" popup on a 5.5' Tundra bed?

    Look for a DoubleCab Tundra if possible, their is enough room in the rear seat for a human, and you get a decent sized box. A few suspensions tweaks (you can choose how economical or gonzo you really want to get), and you'll be just fine. Fully loaded for adventure, we are running about 2000...
  2. Trikebubble

    Helper Airbags or something equivalent

    Firestone airbags on cradles on my Tundra, with a Four Wheel Camper. I've upgraded the leaf springs so I just have the airbags at lower psi's to assist with heavier loads. Run the airbags separately, so you can use them to fine tune your camper level when camping.
  3. Trikebubble

    AGM battery quality vs cost. Do your research.

    I've been running the Deka Intimidator AGM batteries in my vehicles for a number of years now. They are excellent, never an issue ever with them.
  4. Trikebubble

    AGM battery quality vs cost. Do your research.

    Well, I don't know how my experience specifically relates to "overlanding", but I will say that I have been purchasing and installing AGM batteries in power mobility equipment, and servicing power mobility equipment, for over 25 years now, and their is absolutely no question their is a...
  5. Trikebubble

    What makes Toyotas so reliable?

    I guess everyone's opinions are just that, so here's my anecdotal one. I currently own a 2014 Tundra which carries a Four Wheel Camper full time and has been taken over thousands of miles of rough roads (Dempster Hwy, etc) and in the past 4 years the truck has not let me down once. Power from...
  6. Trikebubble

    Newbie needs assistance with tire choice for new to me 2020 F550 4x4 Overlander

    I have nothing to add, other than nice rig. I've been poking aorund for an F-450 and Northern Lite camper combination for a little while now, and Imp retty sure I noticed that camper on the online classifieds here in Canada a couple months ago. Pretty nice, enjoy the trips
  7. Trikebubble

    2020 Ram 5500 DIY Composite Panel Camper Build Thread

    Interesting feedback on the truck seats. As funny and simple as it sounds, seating is close to #1 on my list when looking for the next truck. We tend to drive big miles, and our next setup will be looking to be driven even longer miles, and seating for me is so important. I'm not quite as tall...
  8. Trikebubble

    Tire pressures - LT / Load E

    Tundra with a Four Wheel Camper on full time. I have 35" E-Rated Toyo ATII Extreme's and I keep them at 55psi. When we hit gravel roads I will sometimes air down to 35psi (if I'm not too lazy to stop). I have not taken them down below 30psi with the camper on, and seem to have good traction...
  9. Trikebubble

    2020 Ram 5500 DIY Composite Panel Camper Build Thread

    Thanks again. Yes, cabin fever leads to arguing technicalities pretty quickly. At least it seems to stay pretty civil here. I'm curious if you have thoughts on the difference in payload between the original dually setup, and the newer super singles. If' you've chatted with anyone with...
  10. Trikebubble

    2020 Ram 5500 DIY Composite Panel Camper Build Thread

    That's fantastic. Thanks for sharing that. Amazing.
  11. Trikebubble

    2020 Ram 5500 DIY Composite Panel Camper Build Thread

    I've been poking around at F-450's and I was surprised by the number of people that picked an F-450 over and F-350 daully solely for the benefit of the tighter turning radius.
  12. Trikebubble

    Artistic Shots- Well thought out, framed (positioned), artistic shots only please.

    July 2018, we were waiting at the Salmon Glacier viewpoint for the fog to clear so we could see the Glacier. I got bored of standing there like a tourist and wandered across the dirt road and walked right into Middle Earth.
  13. Trikebubble

    COVID prices .. just me ?

    Our battery supplier here in BC says orders to RV dealers are insane, about the busiest he has ever been. I was also chatting with a local RV dealer a couple weeks ago, their lot is bare, they've sold everything they have and can get their hands on. They are advertising to place deposits on...
  14. Trikebubble

    What do you all use and don't use?

    We use our furnace in the Hawk all the time (and will be this weekend for sure). Its one of the reasons we moved up from having a rooftop tent, the ability to extend our camping season and camp comfortably in inclement weather. I have a 3-way fridge, and run it on propane all the time (except...
  15. Trikebubble

    Carrying Propane - exchangeable 20lb tank versus 2 smaller tanks

    Our Four Wheel Camper comes with 2 10-pound tanks. In 4 years of travel I've never had an issue finding a spot to get them re-filled. with one always in use, it's not too difficult to keep an eye out while traveling to make a quick pit-stop to get the other filled. I also have an AT Overland...
  16. Trikebubble

    Let's talk about buckets

    Always have a collapsible bucket in the camper. I usually fill it and the dogs use it for drinking water, and we satisfy our want to have a fire-put out-water bucket- thingie as well. The collapsible bucket takes up hardly any space, we also use it to wash clothes when we're on the road for...
  17. Trikebubble

    Something Completely Different : BC 2020

    Apex Mountain is behind the ski resort area (Apex Alpine ski resort is actually on a different mountain). Access is via an open forestry road, it's a great view from the top.
  18. Trikebubble

    Bed rack w/ RTT or popup camper shell (GFC style)?

    We went from a rooftop tent to a Four Wheel Camper . Albiet, a little different than the pop-up style you are considering, but the basic concept is the same. In my honest opinion (especially if you are considering either on the same full size truck and if your budget can afford it) their is...
  19. Trikebubble

    Something Completely Different : BC 2020

    If you enjoy the summits, you should check out Apex Mountain here in Penticton some time. The summit is about 7300ft and you can drive to it without any real problem. It's a great place for a picnic (or overnight stay). Their is no fire tower, but a ton of antenna's, and you can look down on the...