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    Owning and Overlanding in a FJ40 - What are the Pros and Cons?

    Here is my answer from another thread - who is valid here too: the driving comfort, driving security, camp comfort, sleep comfort, spares availability - all that counts. Also when I did see a old VW Beetle with a trailer on a real worldtour (transafrica, panamericana, australia and the...
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    Announcement: Ecoflow Mini Wifi Review (portable battery & Solargenerator)

    I received a belated Christmas present from myself, an Ecoflow River Mini Wifi. I hereby announce a small Review - but I still need some time for it. If you have any test scenarios, just let me know here in the forum, via PM, or directly via blog. Key data 210 WH battery Charging via power...
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    12 volt slow cooker

    For that purpose you can also directly use an 12v Oven?!
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    recap: Mods I wouldn`t do again for overlanding

    After over 68350 miles of international overlanding (110`000km) with the rig showed above, done in the past 9 years it is definitively time for an analytic view. Which mod wouldnt we do again, which mod would we install on a newly buildup? From a Transafrica to journeys in Europe, Iceland, South...
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    Really? A 12v oven?

    If someone is wondering, how fast or slow such a device is working - I found those values from travel buddy (different brand than road chef)
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    Garmin inReach Mini Review: No More Missed Calls

    Thanks for the review of the "mini" I did have too god experiences during my transafrica and trip in south america with the bigger unit inreach explorer. Did work well too! It is nice to have a backup plan out of cell coverage...
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    Really? A 12v oven?

    I often regret that shipping from australia is so expensive? I did detect an well working 12v oven. I want it... Also when my roadlife did more consist out of Campfire and BBQ - baking the own bread, using the self...
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    travel fatigue - how to avoid travel-weary at longterm journeys

    Most of us are not satisfied with just working, we take care of our relationship, we meet family and friends, do hobbies and participate in clubs, go dancing on the weekend, to the theater, cinema, fine dining, and do sports. If you think that a long-term trip automatically brings a good...
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    Giving Up on Sleeping in My Vehicle

    Depends. For people who use them as daily driver, they got a nice toy for weekends and holidays too. With the small diesel engines they are very economical to use them too for a extended range There are not much reasons, not to use them for something like the panamericana or silkroad, with...
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    Giving Up on Sleeping in My Vehicle

    What you are looking for, is something with a Popup Roof: Here you can stay inside, sleep comfortable, cook. Here I did compare some of these vans: All of them come with enough ground clearance for...
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    Portable AC

    I did buy a portable aircon, who is able to cool down a normal siza van or an office room, soon he insnt to big. It doenst use much energy, but isnt the strongest AC too. With one of these you should be able to use solar&Battery and to avoid an generator. Here is a small review...
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    Land Cruiser 200 V8 Diesel Overlanding build, triple locked, winch, snorkel, aux fuel tank 180l

    After 115`000 Overlandingkilometeres in the past 10 years the familly is growing, and I have to sell. After doing a Transafrica (Europa-Kappstadt over the west (Mali, Nigeria, Congo), a half year in south america (u.a. Chile, Bolivien, Peru) and journeys in Europe and Iceland like you can see...
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    Water heater

    I did wrote about that topic recently. But I didnt hear about the ridgeyards water heater. trippin
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    What to take: Diesel or Gasoline engine for a worldtrip?

    I did a lot of overlanding and 4x4 trips by rental cars in asia. It is lovely to travel to those remote villages without electricity, to get in touch with the more untouched remote civilisation. Yes, you have to use single-trails to reach them, because they dont have enough cash to buy a car...
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    Anyone in Africa ??

    Currently you can get more travel freedom by ship the car to south africa or namibia. Because the southern land borders are currently open. For those wo enter africa by marocco - they cant travel further. In the wuestenschiff forum a guy did make a map, who shows what was possible 3 weeks ago...
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    Base map for. Road trips

    The specific use case will depend a lot. Just for orientation, to zoom in/out an alternative to a paper map I like Also If someone on the roadside has to show me, where I can buy firewood - allows is so easy to handle that it is possible to use for that. - Offline...
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    INEOS Grenadier

    It looks like it flex pretty poor, compared to a AHC equipped landcruiser 200 / lx570.. With my rig all 4 wheels would be still on the ground - at the example above. If we watch those videos who shows different rigs on the same conditions, we see why the difflocks are optional on some...
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    Can the iPad really be used as an out-of-signal range, off-road GPS device?

    After travelling over 70`000 Miles in the last years with the above rig (Transafrica, Southamerica, Europe, Iceland) , with just an iPad / iPhone as Navigation Unit: It works nice. I always are using an Ipad with simcard option for navigation purpose. The Start was at 2012 with the transafrica...
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    What to take: Diesel or Gasoline engine for a worldtrip?

    I travelled over 70`000miles around the world with a V8 Diesel I bought new in 2011. People are asking me whether I would choose gasoline over diesel again for a trip around the world based on my knowledge as of today. This is in times where many countries forbid older diesel engines in larger...
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    Practical barbecue grill solutions?

    The nomad grill looks great, but a bit overdone. Guess it is more for travellers with trailers, who dont have to care about additional 28-pound (12 kg) and the size of the luckage. The classic lotusgrill is the best solution I did see on the market till today: lightweight and capable - you even...