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    MTV under contract

    You're right. I saw the 240,450 and assumed that was the horsepower/ torque rating...:rolleyes:
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    MTV under contract

    Do I dare ask the price? Awesome rig!!!
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    Another Zombie Apocalypse Chase vehicle Great base to build up
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    1996 Lexus LX 450

    I know they are not huge fees...but really....a "technology fee" and a "wheelage fee" ?? :sneaky:
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    1996 Lexus LX450 Turbocharged in Phx. Az. USA

    1996 Lexus LX-450, (Land Cruiser) Turbo-Charged with water to air intercooler, 5.29 R&P. 219K Miles. Head Gasket replaced @200K, Head was ported and polished in anticipation of turbo install which was installed at 210K miles. Injectors serviced, new water pump, etc. Turbo is HolsetHX35 (same as...
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    A Real Man's RV
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    K5 with four wheel camper

    Very nice! It's even been converted over to full float axles.
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    WTB: Jeep AEV JK350

    Might check here:
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    Is this FZJ80 worth the price?

    That's an "OK" price IF the lockers work. Check the 80 series ads on IH8Mud BTW the trip meter is broken.
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    Anyone selling their G550?

    Is that a 2" Lift? Was it a kit that included castor correction and extended brake lines, etc.? Brand?
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    Anyone selling their G550?

    That is very nice! What are you asking for it? Where are you located?
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    Anyone selling their G550?

    Curious, do you have a build thread, or what all consisted of your build?