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    Longest sleeping platform in a truck.

    Hello, I’m looking for a model of truck to built it in an overland. The big issu is that i’m 6’3. It’s for use in the back road of Rocky’s, Utah, Alaska, Labrador. It’s not for rock climbing! But do some back country road. Dom me and my wife. Short trop to 1 month on the road. We are very...
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    FWD promaster or Propulsion sprinter

    Hello, This message is not realy for an explo Rv but we need your experience of drivers! We want to buy a rv to travel one year from Montreal (tha's why i have a funny English)-Artic-Antartic and back. We already own a B class for 8 years. On a GMC Savana 3500HD 4.8L V8. And traveled...
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    Size of bed / wet bathroom in a sportsmobile?

    We will travel for one year from Alaska to Ushuia. We already do a 6 months trip in south west and Baja in 2013. So we know what we are looking for! Can you tell me if it's possible to have the concersion in the 4x4 Sprinter, hard top Permanent bed (min of 75x54) cause i'm a small 6,3 guy...
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    Making a class C with a Hard side truck camper

    Hello, I would like to know if you ever open the cab of a us pick up and make a pass thru. I already look tiger provan, earthroamer and other but it's to much expensive. Do you know a compagny who do it? XP? You did it? I would travel in a 4x4 diesel 3/4 ton us pick up. Propan free! So...