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    PSA regarding vehicle service

    This seems to be the most general wrench-turning subforum here, so I figured I'd call out some recent experiences. I typically do all of my own vehicle maintenance, other than brake flushes and major warranty work. It's a rule I've had for 10+ years now. The exceptions have been tire work...
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    2nd Gen Frontier Crew Cab Leak (with solution)

    Had a weird leak that I just took care of, and figured I'd post this up in case someone else has the same issue and is pulling their hair out. Quick Summary: The rear sunroof drain hooks onto a barbed plastic fitting at the rear of the cab so it can drain out the back. The fitting had a...
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    19k miles with OME/ Dakar suspension for 2015 Frontier

    After a long, very overloaded road trip across the western US, I had my stock Pro4x suspension replaced. (Shout out here to Mule Expedition Outfitters for parts and labor) Only 21k miles on the stock parts, but zero regrets about swapping them out. New parts: - OME struts with HD coils up...