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    Another 2020 Ram 5500 Flatbed Camper Build

    Love your elec. cabinet!!
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    1983 Toyota LAND CRUISER FJ60

    Found this in Michigan!! They always have some nicer old vehicles.
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    International 3800 adventure bus build

    Love The Bumper!!
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    SOLD - 2020 Ram 5500 Reg Cab Flatbed 4x4 Diesel

    What Brand is the flatbed? It's sharp !!
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    Best way to order a 2021 GMC 3500HD that will have a flatbed

    Check on the GMC build it now site and I believe you can order it how you want then there's a box to check for Bed Delete like a $1200 credit. I work at the GM Flint Truck Asm Plant so we would be building your truck for you!! I'm jealous we can't even order a truck right now trying to build all...
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    Inexpensive battery banks, any out there?

    Go to Will has a lot of good vids on youtube on solar
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    2020 GMC Custom Flatbed-Need help on Flatbed

    We're ordering a 2020 GMC 3500 DMax srw long bed 5th wheel prep truck . This wil be to pull our 5th wheel and haul our 69 Avion truck camper. I want a flatbed that can accommodate factory 5th wheel prep, and fold down side for when using the truck camper. I really like the SherpTek bed but the...
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    Suggestions requested

    We took Rem 870 and 2 of the biggest cans of bear spray i could get when we went to Alaska. Print out the firearm declaration form from the Canadian website , was no problems at all just asked if it was stored cased and locked while traveling then told have a nice day after paying the $25...
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    2007 Suburban - MUDHORN

    Nice rig!
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    F450 converted to 37” super singles

    And the Tank!
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    Hallmark Ute XL popup camper for sale

    Do you have more pics?
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    08 4500 Topkick

    Here's a good project truck!
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    4x4 Sunrader Build Out

    Looks Great!!(y)
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    New GM Hd?

    Guys wait for more Real pics before you decide how they look. I work at the truck plant and we haven't built anything like the pic GM put out!! They are diff. but the ones with the color matched grill look good and I really like the GMC's that I saw.
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    Need portable power for my CPAP machine

    I used my Resimed Air sSense 10 for our 8 week Alaska trip in our popup truck camper. I used the Resimed 12 volt adapter with 1 group 31 battery in the camper. The cigarette plug is the weak link, like stated above replace it with a good 20 amp 2 ploe plug and you'll have no issues. Also I did a...