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    Help locating ac on my 6.7l f250

    Need to recharge my ac but cant seem to find the ac appreciate any help. Thanks!
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    Bricknose f250 If this was on this side of the country.
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    Looking for something comfortable

    and fun to drive. I have never really owned anything but pick up trucks my whole life and quit frankly just don't need one like I used to. So am looking for something different. Not really going to be an offroad beast I have my cruiser for play. It has to be AWD 5 months of the years roads are...
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    Home made camp kitchen on craigslist

    Just saw this on craigslist thought someone might like it.
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    Saw this and thought would make a nice start for someone awd 70/30 and 4x4 cat motor
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    iron pig not mine
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    Put on winch and bumper and now

    need to put on heavier springs on front. I have the ome 2.5" lift with mediums so need the heavies which would be the 2850 I believe. So in my looking (best price and quickest I can get them run this coming weekend) I have come across the 2850 but also the 2850J what's the difference and which...
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    1985 Chevy Military Army Pickup 4X4 - $2800 (Foster)
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    Know nothing

    Seems pricey for an 04 thinking of getting a pop up.
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    diesel cruiser
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    Ironman bumper winch suggestions

    Anyone know what fits in the ironman bumper? I bought a ramsey patriot 9500ut when I ordered the bumper because I was told anything fits, it don't. Anyway need help. Thanks!!
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    Came across this con craigslist

    Looks clean
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    83 reg cab hilux?

    How much for one in good shape not mint but good shape with 120,000 miles.
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    Toyota van 4x4

    Was looking for toyota 4x4's and saw this thought someone here might like it.
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    Looking for tall skinny tires

    For my 2011 f250. I have 18" wheels and am looking to get new tires in the 34-35" range. I currently am running 275/65/18 which is a 33" tire. But I need something better in the snow and everything else. The ones that are on there are fine on the road but nothing else.
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    Windows fogging

    Was wondering if my windows are fogging in my 94 because my ac isn't working or if it is an 80 thing, or maybe even another reason. Thanks!!!
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    Removing fender flares

    Was wondering if anyone has removed their fender flares. If so happy you did it? Reasoning behind it? The reason I ask is yesterday went out wheeling and wound up popping passengers side rear flare off door and am wondering if I should fix it or take them all off.
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    Need mud flaps for new to me 94 80

    I took my running boards off and called local toyota stealership to get the mud flaps and they want $80 a piece for them. So if anyone knows a good place to call it would be greatly appreciated.
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    Real world mpg's

    Seriously considering a fzj80 or maybe a 60 but mostly 80. Anyway am looking for real world mpg you good folks are getting. If you could also give a short list of mods so I get a better idea Thanks. This would be a daily driver (main reason mpg matters) adventure/expidition rig it will be slowly...