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    Simlple Wedge Camper 12V Setup

    Hey all, looking for a sanity check on my plan for getting power in my wedge camper, really trying to keep things simple here and not go overkill. I had originally looked at prebuilt solutions, but am now leaning more towards a partial DIY setup. For prebuilts I was looking into the EcoRiver...
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    5 Days in the Upper Peninsula

    A couple of weeks ago I posted here seeking some advice on a trip I had planned to the UP. I ended up with some good suggestions and requests for a quick trip report. Going into the trip, the below was the rough plan: Day 1 Drive to UP and cross Mackinac Bridge Head N through the Hiawatha...
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    Bilstein v Carli (Fox) v Icon

    I'm eagerly awaiting my OE tires to finish out their life this spring and plan on upgrading both the tires and suspension then. I'm pretty sure I will be going with BFG KO2s for the tires, I'm also looking at the Falken Wildpeaks but there doesn't seem to be much of a price difference there...
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    7 Days and 6 Nights Through New England

    Well I just got back from a pretty cool trip through the New England (NY, VT, NH) area and figured I would get a trip report started. I think the best format is to get a post for each day, but that may change as I get this going. Right off the bat I'll speak to a few logistics of the trip and...
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    Bed liner on plywood?

    I'm working on a gear platform/level floor for the rear of my truck cab and debating on how I want to finish it. Looking at doing either carpet or just a roll on bed liner. I think the bed liner would be easier to get completed and in my case might look better. For those that have used bed...
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    WTB: Decked DR4

    Looking to pick up a Decked DR4 and figured I'd see if anyone is trying to sell one somewhat locally. The DR4 fits in the 09+ Ram trucks. I am located in North East Ohio. Shoot me a PM if you are looking to sell.
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    malibubts's 2015 Ram 1500 CCSB Build

    Starting off a build thread for my 2015 Ram 1500. I've been slowly adding modifications to the truck since I bought it in April of 2015, but have recently joined Expedition Portal. The build will be very general purpose oriented; I won't be building this truck to rock crawl or hard core wheel...