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    Insurance for hard side truck campers

    National General. Same company insures the truck and camper but they are separate policies.
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    Insurance for hard side truck campers

    We made sure our policy covered the replacement cost of our camper, on or off the truck. If your camper spends more time off of your truck than it does on the truck, likes our does, it seems more likely that something could happen while it is off the truck like theft, damage from a falling tree...
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    3D Printing Success Story

    We have a 2014 Lance 865 truck camper that we transport with Ram 3500. The camper has Atwood electric jacks and in spite of being stored under cover the plastic covers on the jack motors had dry rotted to the point where one of them cracked in multiple pieces when I bumped it when I was washing...
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    Most secure pick up bed cover

    I had a roll-n-lock type cover on a Tacoma and disliked due to the fact that the model I had took up about 12" of space in the bed and it also prevented me from being able to slide tall items, like a fridge, up against the back of the cab.
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    Truck Weight and Tire Limit

    I think you need to take your rig, fully loaded with water, fuel, gear, people, etc. to a commercial truck scale that can tell you how much weight is on each axle as well as giving you your total weight.
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    Using hitch reciever under slide in camper overhang

    Yes. We have a short bed Ram 3500 and a Lance 865. Per Lance the camper floor is 8’ 7” and the Ram bed length is 6’ 4” so quite a bit of overhang. I bought a hitch extension, 24” I believe. I’ve never towed with it but we have used a hitch-hauler for bikes and for a generator when we boondock...
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    camper showers?

    We have a small wet bath in our 8' Lance camper. We boondock as much as possible, usually for 2-5 nights and then stay at a campground. We don't shower every day when we camp, but it is really nice to have a hot shower after you've hiked all day in warm weather or been on the beach all day using...
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    Camper for F250

    For comparison, we have a Lance 865 with an advertised dry weight of 2004, wet weight of 2322. Loaded for a trip with 30 gallons of water, 26 gallons of diesel, etc. my total payload is 2,720. It’s on my Ram 3500 now, used to be on a older F250. I added air bags to both trucks to level out the...
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    Help needed-Atwood jack covers

    Just my luck!
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    Help needed-Atwood jack covers

    yes-I also thought about the scan and 3D print, especIally since it is a simple part, no moving pieces. The scanning seems to be the most costly part of the process, I need to find someone that scans and 3D prints as a hobby and pay them to make a set for me.
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    Help needed-Atwood jack covers

    I appreciate those comments. Two of the covers are in good enough shape now to make a mold, etc. I've never done that before. For those that have done this, what type/thickness of plastic sheeting to use?
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    Help needed-Atwood jack covers

    The motor covers on the Atwood jacks on our 2015 Lance truck camper have gotten brittle and are starting to fail, even though the camper is kept covered when we are not using it. Atwood no longer exists as a company and their product lines are now owned by Lippert Components. Lippert ceased...
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    What slide in camper to get?

    It is very simple to load/offload a camper, have you considered that option? Offload at your base camp and have an empty truck for tougher terrain?
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    Advice selecting new HD truck (camper hauler)

    Just remember to check the payload sticker on the door jamb. It can vary greatly within the same model and the ratings are nonsensical, so make sure to look at the sticker on the actual truck you are considering.
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    Helper Airbags or something equivalent

    I have a 2018 Ram 3500 diesel, 4x4, SRW, crew cab short bed. Payload by Ram is 3771. When my 2014 Lance 865 is loaded (full water and propane, food, camping gear and two passengers) I have 2,920 lbs. on the truck. There is a leveling kit on the front end of the truck. When the camper with gear...
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    Camper tie down recommendations please

    Keep us posted and have fun!
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    Camper tie down recommendations please

    Here are the pics. The front brackets are approximately 6" inboard from the outermost sheetmetal on the bed and the rear brackets are tucked up under the bumper so much that you literally have to bend down to see them. Between this Ram and my previous F250, I have never had any issues with them...
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    Camper tie down recommendations please

    We've used Torklift frame-mounted brackets and turnbuckles on two trucks (same camper, 2,900 lbs loaded). Current truck is a Ram 3500. I don't think I'd trust the bumper and bed mounted tie downs. The brackets on my Ram did not require drilling, they all used existing holes in the frame. My...