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    Replace Rear Bench with Chairs in 2017 F350

    I received a few messages about the seats installed in the back of my F350. I thought to post here if anyone else is interested. The 2017 F350 has lariat trim with black leather. I found that the kids weren’t using the entire bench and I wanted a bit more storage in the rear. I also though...
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    Trade 2017 F350 SRW for DRW?

    I have a 2017 F350 Crew Cab Lariat 8' bed SRW with 6,000 miles. Excellent shape. Has most available options except a sunroof. I'd like to trade for a F350 or F450 DRW. I installed two captains chairs in the rear (from 2017 Expedition with matching black leather) and an Aluma aluminum...
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    Need Welding Advice - Concerned About Quality

    Hope there are a few welders reading tonight… I am in the process of building a camper that will sit on the flatbed of an F350. I came up with the shape of the camper (very much a traditional flatbed camper with cabover). A smart (paid) engineer designed the aluminum frame to achieve the...
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    Need Fiberglass Foam Core Panel Recommendation

    I am designing a flatbed camper and plan to build the shell with structural panels and fiberglass joints. No frame and no skeleton. Skeptics will recommend a traditional fiberglass mold. My budget won’t allow this and my research of boat building and O&G industry (think small nuke-proof...
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    All Fiberglass Camper Shell Experience - Failures or Successes?

    Long time reader. First time post. I am designing a hardshell camper to mount on a F350 crew cab flatbed. I have found a large, commercial composite fabrication shop that is willing/interested in building the shell. This company builds bridges, buildings, art, campers, etc. Been around 30...