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  1. Darwin

    Help with chassis and box selection...considering Excap / Steyr / Krug / Bliss for US based XV

    There is no way you are going to get what you are looking for with a 300K budget. The chassis alone is going to be at least 150K pushing 200K. Acela is probably the cheapest option but I could be wrong on that. I am pretty sure a box from Bliss is going to be over 500K pretty easy, probably a...
  2. Darwin

    DC to DC Chargers

    There are losses, no question. I believe my victron inverter that feeds the inverter/charger in the camper is around 92% efficient. I also have 24 volt house batteries. I think paid about $350 for the victron inverter installed in the truck cab. I the inverter/charger in the camper just...
  3. Darwin

    DC to DC Chargers

    There is an easier, and more simple solution you might try out. It's how I set mine up. This is what I did. Mount 1000 watt inverter in truck cab and run the cables off of the truck chassis batteries. Next, Run 120 volt extension cord to your 'house' inverter AC input. This charges the...
  4. Darwin

    adding second AC input to Victron Multiplus

    Currently I have a Victron 24/3000 Multiplus inverter setup with a single AC input smart plug connection and 30 amp BlueSea double pole breaker I would like to add an additional 15 amp AC input. Is there anything dangerous or against some code that says I can't just spice into the input I...
  5. Darwin

    Total Composites wall alternatives?

    I thought you guys were acquaintances? Did you tell them the panel manufacturer when you stopped by their shop?
  6. Darwin

    Liquid Spring

    Makes no sense on a light duty truck. I can it being helpful for a medium duty like the f550 where in order to get the 16,000 lbs load rating you need a lot of stiff springs. I also don't know why anyone would spend 12k on a Carli kit. YOu can get THuren coils for like $350, The kings...
  7. Darwin

    Liquid Spring

    They run about 15-20K BTW
  8. Darwin

    Kingstar Camino - Any Input?

    THey all rot, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I guess if you plan to only take it where it hardly ever rains or snows like southern AZ it might be an issue, but in time they all rot. People will say as long as you keep up on maintenance yada yada you will have nothing to worry about. The...
  9. Darwin

    MRAP wheels on a RAM 5500? Mismatched track front to back?

    I would recommend just nutting up and getting known wheels and tires that work. Wheels, especially on a vehicle as heavy as yours is not something I personally would want to experiment with. You will not find anyone that has use run of the mill MRAPs with the Goodyear tires. As far as tires...
  10. Darwin

    Kingstar Camino - Any Input?

    I had a wood framed Northstar camper. I would never recommend buying one and if I could do it all over I would go with something other than wood.
  11. Darwin

    F350 or F450 or F550

    You will lose your powertrain warranty. To make them last, I would think would involve getting rid or preventing the $$damage that comes with the Cp4 injection pump when it gives out. EDIT: I missed the sarcasm. For reference Ram chassis cab is 325 HP and 800 ft. torque
  12. Darwin

    2018 Ram 3500 6.7 Cummins (SOLD)

    SOLD. Thank you to everyone that expressed interest.
  13. Darwin

    Thoughts on the Truckhouse Tacoma expedition camper...

    Kind of dirty and weird when the guy building them says even he can't afford to buy one.
  14. Darwin

    Webasto Dual Top Reviews wanted

    Okay, ordering in the next week or so and am leaning towards the Aquahot 125D.
  15. Darwin

    2018 Ram 3500 6.7 Cummins (SOLD)

    New low price 39k with choice of either dually or Method Race wheel singles not both and it only has 23,xxxx miles. Get it before I put the Dually wheels back on and sell the singles.
  16. Darwin

    Pass-through really necessary?

    Do you want to hear the sounds your kitchen and bathroom make during an earthquake that lasts 6 hours?
  17. Darwin

    Thoughts on the Truckhouse Tacoma expedition camper...

    Anyone(not related to the company) get video of it actually driving around? My gut says it drives like ********.
  18. Darwin

    2018 Ram 3500 6.7 Cummins (SOLD)

    2018 Ram 3500 cab/chassis(SOLD) *Aisin 6 speed auto with exhaust brake *6.7 Cummins all stock with 23k miles, still smells new *Two package (4.10 gears) with limited slip *Newish Falken Wildpeak AT3W tires 37x12x18 Load range E (4,000 lb. rated) With full size spare *Method HD wheels...
  19. Darwin

    Dually for Overland Vehicle?

    Unfortunately like all things in Mexico, they just keep pushing the timeline for when Mexico will have ultra low sulfur diesel. For the most part, ultra low sulfur diesel is not available at this time.