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    Large Winter Tires

    I run 265/70/18 tallest and skinniest I could find. You'll have better luck if you get 17" rims. But still there really is no 35" snows.
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    campsite pics..lets see um

    Weird fire pit!
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    2WD van in the winter/snow?

    Don't know about door sticker, but there should be unless gone a tab on top of pumpkin with what axle and ratio. There not always there or always readable.
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    Premium & High End Ice Chests & Coolers Reviews

    I bought what I wanted because I wanted it, if that bothers anyone well that's their problem not mine. And until they pay my bills they can bite me!
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    2WD van in the winter/snow?

    Good set of true snows weather studded or not and weight and you'll be fine.
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    Help locating ac on my 6.7l f250

    Your the one that had the attitude I asked a simple question because in the engine compartment of my diesel truck there is a lot going on in there and in my initial search I did not see it, so I figured I would ask for location to look. But no you give me crap about if I cant find it bla bla...
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    Help locating ac on my 6.7l f250

    So make up your mind if they cant find it themselves geez they better not ask because they may screw things up. But just so if anyone else is looking the line is right next to the windshield fluid. Oh and on edit I have no idea where the actual ac is its a mess in there.
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    Help locating ac on my 6.7l f250

    No not kidding but don't worry I found it. Oh and my ac is working again.
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    Help locating ac on my 6.7l f250

    Need to recharge my ac but cant seem to find the ac appreciate any help. Thanks!
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    Camp stereo

    I have a altec lansing Bluetooth speaker I got for my birthday last year that I use with my phone playing music from my amazon music list.
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    2016 SMB Sprinter 4x4

    I got it's flagged for removal
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    F250: New or Old, which would you choose?

    Sounds great thank you! Oh and that's exactly what happens.
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    F250: New or Old, which would you choose?

    Happens from bumps, replaced most everything in front end it's better but not gone. I'll look into doing that. If that works from the bottom of my heart thank you!
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    F250: New or Old, which would you choose?

    Keep the old one, the new crap is just that crap. I have an 11 f250 with the 6.7l and motor is great everything around it is garbage. I have 115k miles and nothing but problems from no high beams fixed twice still no go, got a death wobble that for the life of me (literally) cant figure out what...
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    I happy i never liked that they stole it. I do like my yeti's.
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    Can Ford guys help me with a little info?

    Should be a ford/sterling rear. In one of the pics it looks like it has the tap on one of the case bolts if so it should tell you.
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    New GX owner, replacement key suggestions?

    I don't know about the car keys but I bought one for my bmw bike it was a hundred dollars.
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    Which 4 season tent?

    I bought one (terra) this year. Pricey but extremely well made.
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    Import Africa Twin into the USA

    Their sold here so don't see why not.