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  1. Nikkshepherd

    1990 4x4 Hilux Camper

    Ive been searching for a 4x4 Sunrader for years, this thing is pretty close. I want to purchase it myself but im leaving for a month long trip to Europe and cant make it work prior to leaving. I hope someone here can scoop it up...
  2. Nikkshepherd

    Show Hauler 4x4 $320k

    Ran across this monster today. Way out of my, and most peoples budget, but still pretty cool imo. No affiliation, just thought i'd share.
  3. Nikkshepherd

    FS: Strange Fiberglass Camper (found on FB marketplace)

    Found this funky fiberglass camper while browsing FB market place. Not sure what it is, but I thought someone here may know about, and want it. Cheers.
  4. Nikkshepherd

    '87 BJ74 Someone in here needs this!

    Diesel LandCruiser with removable top. She's a beautiful looking machine.
  5. Nikkshepherd

    1993 Toyota Pickup truck 4x4

    Found this one on offer up. Looks clean and at a great price too! Located in Tacoma Wa
  6. Nikkshepherd

    Rad camper project.

    Came across this today. I'd pick it up myself but I recently accuired a wildernest. Thought someone here may want it for their rig. Seems like a good deal at $275
  7. Nikkshepherd

    '94 Toyota Pickup build

    Here's the plan. I'm going to build my dream rig for as cheap as possible. I plan to do this by using mostly second hand purchased items from sites like Craigslist, Offer up, yota-tech classifieds, etc. I like the expensive stuff, I just cant bring myself to pay full price for anything. I don't...