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  1. AaronK

    Midland 75-822 issue

    I have a Midland 75-822 CB in my rig and recently every time I power it off, it changes to channel 6 next time I power it back on. It's annoying because I always have to change it back to whatever channel the group is using. Anyone else experienced this? I'm sure I've inadvertently changed some...
  2. AaronK

    Ironman fridges

    Anyone here running an Ironman fridge? I just impulse bought a 40L one last weekend that was marked down significantly. Don't see much chatter about them here stateside.. Sent from my OnePlus One using Tapatalk.
  3. AaronK

    Another Gen1 Tundra Thread

    Hey all. I'm starting another build thread for my Tundra. I had started one shortly after I got the truck but accidentally deleted it while trying to edit the title. Pissed me off so bad that I didn't make another one until now. The truck: It's a 2002 Toyota Tundra Access Cab SR5 with 2UZ-FE...
  4. AaronK

    Picked up a pop up trailer

    1990 Starcraft. Not exactly an "expedition" trailer but it'll serve our needs well. Sent from my OnePlus One using Tapatalk.
  5. AaronK

    Connector ID help

    Can someone tell me what this connector is called? Can't find them for the life of me now! Sent from my OnePlus One using Tapatalk.
  6. AaronK

    New Jerry can pour spout

    This seems like the closest forum since it's "storage" for fuel. I was just given this old QMC Jerry can today. Seems to be in decent condition for being 50+ years old. Needs a good cleaning. Anyway! Does anyone know where I can get a spout for this? All I can find is the camlock NATO...
  7. AaronK

    OruxMaps for Android

    Been reading a lot of threads here on Android based landnav and surprisingly haven't seen any mention of Orux so I thought I'd throw it out there. I've been using it for a couple years now and am super happy with it. It: Imports GPX, KML, and KMZ tracks. Exports recorded trip tracks in GPX and...
  8. AaronK

    My Trailer Build Thread

    Hey guys. Been reading some great stuff on here and I'm now on my way to building my own trailer. So I was waiting and browsing Craigslist daily waiting for a good base frame to use. Found this. Went up and bought it the next day.