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    2009 E250 Family Adventure Van Build - Stella

    Hi All, after a long hiatus I have returned a little wiser, a little old and with some young-ins in the mix. This thread is to capture and document the build of my 2009 Ford E-250 van! If you came here hoping for an exciting, offroad 4x4 build, get ready to be let down! Also if you think we are...
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    What size tires / recommendations for E250, 2WD stock height?

    Hey there Expo! I am about to buy a 2009 E250 to start the vanlife process... and it needs new tires immediately. I don't intend on lifting it (at least for a long time), but want to get a tire that would be more apt to limited offroad, dirt and sand driving which it will inevitably encounter. I...
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    1st Gen Xterra Suspension Lift - Recommendations wanted

    Hey guys, Not a regular in this forum, but i knew it is probably the best audience on the web for this question. I have a buddy that has a first gen Xterra which has worn out its springs and shocks (and probably a couple bushings too). I am pretty competent mechanic and think that this vehicle...
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    Econoline Camper on 60 Minutes Last Night

    Did anyone happen to catch 60-minutes last night? They were featuring this young climber who was very into freeclimbing. They spent a couple minutes and showed his Econoline minimalist camper. I couldnt hear the words (football was on other TVs) but i believe they elaborated on his setup. He...
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    1979 Chevy C30 Wheel Questions

    Hey guys, i have a question that maybe some one knows the answer to. I have a 1979 Chevy Dump Truck (i know real expo rig!) that i use for hauling toys and mulch. The tires are spent and they are dualies in the rear, sized 16.5"x8.75". That tire size is pretty aukward and I cant find a...
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    My Ridgeline - Expo/hauler build

    Hey guys, after lurking this forum for almost a year i feel as though i should start a build thread for my ridgeline. Now before we get started i know that the truck is technically a SUV or car, it does not have solid axles or mechanical lockers, nor will it. Its not a rockcrawler either. I am...