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    3D Printing Success Story

    We have a 2014 Lance 865 truck camper that we transport with Ram 3500. The camper has Atwood electric jacks and in spite of being stored under cover the plastic covers on the jack motors had dry rotted to the point where one of them cracked in multiple pieces when I bumped it when I was washing...
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    Help needed-Atwood jack covers

    The motor covers on the Atwood jacks on our 2015 Lance truck camper have gotten brittle and are starting to fail, even though the camper is kept covered when we are not using it. Atwood no longer exists as a company and their product lines are now owned by Lippert Components. Lippert ceased...
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    '18 Ram 3500 w/ Trail Ready bumper

    We put a Trail Ready front bumper and a winch on my '18 Ram 3500 this weekend. Very pleased. The truck is my "daily driver", hunting truck, chore truck, and hauls our Lance truck camper.
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    AEV Ram HD snorkel question

    For those that have a Ram with the AEV snorkel: Have you taken it through a full-service automatic car wash (not touchless)? I bought the snorkel, but before I have it installed I want to make certain it won't get damaged or cause damage to the truck in a car wash. Before I get trashed for...
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    Increasing Power Wagon payload

    Hi everyone, I really like the Ram 2500 Power Wagon for many reasons but we have a truck camper (2k dry) so the low payload makes this truck a non-starter. Would it be as easy as putting stock (non Power Wagon) 2500 springs and shocks on a Power Wagon to increase payload? What would this do to...
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    35" or 37" tires on a DD F350 or Ram 3500

    I'd like to hear from anyone that has 35" or 37" tires on a daily driven F350 or Ram 3500. I'd like to have bigger tires on my next truck. I would put a quality 2" leveling kit (Carli, most likely) on the truck, but I don't want to make the ride of these trucks any "worse" than they are in stock...
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    2008 Toyota Tacoma SR5 4x4

    2008 Toyota Tacoma Access Cab SR5, 4 wheel drive. One owner, 140,090 miles. 4 cylinder, 5 speed. Clean NC title, no accidents. Excellent condition inside and out. ARB bull bar front bumper, Warn winch, Old Man Emu springs and shocks w/ 2” lift. ARB air compressor and ARB air-locking rear...
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    Spring-Over question

    I just picked up a vintage Shasta camper that has very low ground clearance. Relocating the axle above the leaf springs will give me about 2" more ride height which is all that I need. Is this a safe method for some cheap lift? This camper will not be towed off-road other than some gravel...
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    Yakima Q-tower question

    I am considering the purchase of a Yakima "Q-tower" rack system for my Tacoma access cab. I do not want the rack on the truck all of the time since I will use it only 1-2 times a month. How difficult and how much time does it take to remove/install this type of rack? Thanks-
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    Tacoma soft tonneau cover in N.C.

    Lund soft tonneau for a '05-'09 Toyota Tacoma longbed. Used less than six months, excellent condition. This is the model: http:// $100 plus actual shipping from zip 28163. Actual pics available by email.
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    I can't find a pic.....

    Somewhere, some time ago, I saw a pic where someone had fabbed some bed rails on a pre '05 Tacoma. It looked like they were made of 1" square tubing, ran the length of the bed about 1" above the side of the bed and then across the bed behind the cab. Anyone remember this? I searched and...
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    Phoenix/ Mesa Repeaters

    Can someone post the frequencies for any popular 2m repeaters in the Phoenix area? Specifically looking for one that would cover the area east of Usery Pass Rd., Goldfield Mountains area. Any that are monitored by local emergency responders would be greatly appreciated. I have the '07 repeater...
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    Adding an outside thermometer

    My Tacoma does not have an outside thermometer and I know that the stock compass/thermometer mirror is pretty pricey. Has anyone added any other type of thermometer? Would a temp gauge in a A-pillar mount work? Where to mount the sender?
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    WTB: Stock TJ tow hooks

    For my 16 year old son, so price is important. If anyone has a stock front and/or rear tow hooks for a 2000 Jeep Wrangler TJ, please let me know.
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    Opinions on the 4 cyl. TJ

    We are going to look at a low mileage 2000 Jeep Wranlger tomorrow for my son. If you have or had a TJ with the 4 cyl, does it have enough power? Will putting 31" tires (narrow) be too much for that motor? This is for a high-schooler who will be off to college soon and ecomony is important. Most...
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    "08 Tacoma-What's under the plastic bed rail cover?

    Can't get to the truck right now...Does anyone know what is under the plastic covers that are over the top of the bed rails? I know the bed itself is composite but does the sheetmetal from the body wrap over the top of the bed? Are there "stake pockets" hidden under there? If so, I wonder if I...
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    Furnace in a Flip Pac?

    Daydreaming here....My wife and are close to becoming "empty-nesters" (it is bittersweet...) and are trying to decide between a pop-up camper, Flip Pac, Four Wheel Camper, etc for our future roamings. We have tent camped for years but want a little more comfort without a lot of hassle. Price is...
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    B.O.L.O-Fleetwood Neon/Coleman Colorado

    If anyone knows of a Fleetwood Neon or Coleman Colorado for sale within a few hundred miles of Charlotte, NC, or a good source to keep an eye on, please let me know. Thanks-
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    New Gary Fisher Supercaliber

    A question for the knowledgeable: I just bought a new '07 Gary Fisher Supercaliber 29er frame. How many of the components of my '08 Specialized Rockhopper 29er can I expect to swap over? Thanks- Mike