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    1st Gen Montero Transfer Case Strength?

    I am looking at using a transfer case from a 1st gen Montero as the basis for a crawl box and wanted to ask the Mitsubishi community about their thoughts and experiences with said transfer case. Are they fairly strong or a weak point in the Montero drive line? I like the 1st gen Montero...
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    DIY go fast camper

    This guy mounted a RTT directly to the top of his Isuzu Trooper then cut a hole be be able to go up from inside.
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    compressor/vacuum combined pump?

    Look into a pneumatic vacuum gun. Very simple device, just a valve that releases compressed air through a tube producing a Venturi effect and therefore vacuum. Only issue may be the volume of air required to function properly so you will need a larger compressor.
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    What to do with scrap of winch rope.....DIY soft Shackle!!!

    What size winch rope? And how much did you use per shackle?
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    Off-grid, full time truck camper (re) build journal - Driven to Adventure

    What heater core/matrix and blower are you using, and what's the blowers power draw?
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    1995 Skamper battery add on

    Two 6v golf cart batteries wired in series to make 12v. BCI group GC2, 6v, ~200-250AH, dimensions LWH 10.25x7.125x11.875, weight ~65-75 LBS. Cost ~$100-150 (plus ~$35 core). All of that is per battery. They are on the large and heavy side, and they are a flooded lead acid battery so they will...
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    2020 Defender Spy Shots....

    The outgoing Defenders had comparatively high payloads to other vehicles their size, I wonder if the new one will have a similarly large difference in payload between it and other offerings in the land rover lineup. Or maybe a difference in build quality or design ethos, like the difference...
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    Jeep XJ Pop Top Camper Build

    Are you planning on making a sleeping platform up top or just using the pop up for standing room?
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    Jeep XJ Pop Top Camper Build

    2nd link is the same as the first, I would love to see the E350 top. Awesome build, getting inspiration for my comanche.
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    Compact deadbolt to install in vehicle door.

    I read the article posted a few days ago about vehicle security and really like the idea of installing deadbolt locks, and specifically the type they used. I have been searching for the past couple days...
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    Ingenious Land Rover Defender - seriously clever!

    I would love to see the mechanics of that rear carrier/porch lifting mechanism.
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    When did this 'shop won't touch a tire over 4yrs old' stuff start?

    Are you using the bubble balance on oversized tires? I have thought about going that route but wasn't sure if would work with 255/75r17's.
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    When did this 'shop won't touch a tire over 4yrs old' stuff start?

    I have a similar problem, bought a set of JK take offs and the chain stores won't install and balance unless a tire still has the manufacturer sticker on it. The advice I got from my dad was take them to an independent shop, he had a shop near him that would install old cracked period correct...
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    Home made flip pac.

    Sweet build, how much does something like this weigh?