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    2003 Ford E450 Ambulance

    2003 Ford 450 Ambulance on eBay. Located in Rockville MD (DC suburb) Not mine. " Running lime green ambulance, coveted 2003 Ford E450 with 7.3L Powerstroke diesel engine, Ambulance Package, 174k miles, solar panel keeps starter ship shape, also has electrical umbilical. Well maintained, well...
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    Cape Hatteras National Seashore Recreation Area (October 2018)

    Each year, we try to gather a group of friends and/or family and head down to the Outer Banks for some fun, fellowship and food. Usually, everyone who comes has a 4wd or AWD vehicle so that our fun includes some time riding the beaches of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore and north to the...
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    JustAhead App? Experience?

    While prepping for a spring 2018 trip, happened across an app called JustAhead. Basically, you download their guide (for a price) to your phone then uses the phone's GPS to tell you about nearby points of interest, etc. Saw something that worked similar to this when we visited Terra Nova...
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    Keyboard: Pretty Basic Convertible Touchscreen Laptop Question

    I've just started paying attention to convertible touchscreen laptops and have what is probably a pretty basic question. When you flip the keyboard back to use it as a touchscreen tablet/laptop, is there something in the circuitry that disables the keyboard to prevent errant key presses (ENTER...
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    Honda CRV AWD in the Sand?

    Looking for any feedback from someone with experience with Honda's CRV AWD system. Upcoming trip to the beach with some sand driving planned. One of our group has an 04 CRV AWD and we are wondering how it might handle the sand. We are aware of the clearance issues but not sure about the AWD...
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    Older Little Guy Scope Creep

    I've got one of the original Little Guy teardrops. It's actually a 2005 4wide Deluxe with the "Nascar" package (which amounts to graphics). The "Deluxe" means it had alloy wheels, a spare tire and a small cabinet on the cross bulkhead and a small shelf to use as a kitchen. Its pretty simple...
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    Sneaky, Sneaky: Congress Quietly Tries to Add Widespread User Fees for Public Lands

    Rest of article can be seen here: I had seen earlier references to this bill but it had a low likelihood of passage. It seems there are plans to attach it as a rider to the...
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    They Went Without Me so I'll Go Without Them

    Mom and Dad went up and down the AlCan twice in the early 1950s with my sisters (before I was born). On the second trip, they pulled the Spartan behind the Packard on the way up and behind a Chevy pickup on the way down. On the second trip, Mom had an Argus C3 that she bought with money earned...
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    GPS File for open repeaters

    There was some discussion in one of the other threads about creating something like this for locating repeaters while traveling.
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    Nissan NV200 Reviewed by Warren Brown, WashPost
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    Proprietary(?) Seattle Film Works format questions

    Tucked way back in a corner was a box of 3.5 inch "floppy disks" <for you youngsters, that was a means of storing tiny files on computers way back when we counted on dinosaurs on treadmills to power our generators :ylsmoke: >. In the mass, there were 3 disks with digital photos that had been...
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    eBay: Autohome Maggiolina Grand Tour

    Not mine, no connection, etc. Autohome Maggiolina Grand Tour in Thousand Oaks CA
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    Family Cashes it all in and takes kids for 13 month tour of al 50 states

    Saw this on the Today show this morning.
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    41 Camping Hacks (as shown on Buzzfeed)

    Thought I had seen most of these before but may be something new and useful in this list.
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    AZ: Bill banning OHV enforcement on fed lands signed
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    Shocks, Bags or Springs? Making it level

    I've got a 2008 Chevy Colorado Crew Cab 4x4 Z71 package. In its normally loaded (not overloading) condition, it sets tail down, nose up. This has happened somewhat gradually over its 42K miles lifespan. I sometimes pull the Little Guy but its tongue weight is negligible. The problem is the...
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    Committee Announces Hearings on Energy Efficiency, Hydropower& National Parks Bills

    Committee Announces Hearings on Energy Efficiency, Hydropower&amp; National Parks Bills USA 04/10/2013 April 10, 2013 Contact: Keith Chu, 202-224-0537 Sam Offerdahl, 202-224-5039 Committee Announces Hearings on Energy Efficiency, Hydropower and National Parks Bills Washington, D.C. - On...
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    Long Weekend on the Outer Banks

    Took our annual fall trip to the Outer Banks with the family. We went over the Columbus Day weekend and lucked out avoiding Sandy which chose our usual last weekend in October for her visit. I've enjoyed reading your adventures and expeditions. I hope you enjoy our little adventure as well...
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    Bluetooth Question: Probably just ignorance on my part, but trying to recover

    I see that some auto manufacturers are now setting up vehicles to use your phone's Bluetooth capabities and there are aftermarket speaker devices as well. Here's the question: Wife has wireless with Bluetooth. I have wireless with Bluetooth. When you pair the auto's device with the phone, can...