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  1. Chadman

    Rear diff vibes and leak, need help diagnosing? 2002 4Runner

    Yeah I did all that. it almost seems to be coming from the button to the right of the pumpkin.
  2. Chadman

    Rear diff vibes and leak, need help diagnosing? 2002 4Runner

    I started getting rear vibes about 2000 miles after installing OME 880,906 suspension on my 2002 4Runner. The vibes come in around 60-65 mph. I inspected and found the rear diff is leaking but I'm not sure where from. There is a an oil spot to the right of the pumpkin on the passenger side...
  3. Chadman

    Weigh in on your lift choice

    I have had OME lifts on several Toyota's and even a Rubicon. Best suspension for the money! :safari-rig:
  4. Chadman


    I have a mostly stock 2002 4runner sport and get 21 mpg city/hwy, of course I have to drive like a grandma at speed limit but it works just gotta have patience. My parents have a 2002 Sequoia, and a 2003 4runner limited and they both get the same mpg both v8. Sequoia is part time 4wd, and...
  5. Chadman

    Our '05 LJ Rubicon

    Man that's a perfect LJ! I had an 05' TJ Rubicon with the same color combo, but manual. If it had been an auto and an LJ like yours I would still have it!
  6. Chadman

    Suspension for dual use '04 DC Tacoma

    I had an 01' D-Cab that I pieced together a suspension for. I used OME 882 coils and Ome shocks. rear I used a deaver 1.5" long AAL and 1.5" Daystar shackle. with Ome shocks. I had sliders, a front TJM T-17 plate winch bumper, Frontrange offroad rear plate bumper. Fiberglass shell running...
  7. Chadman

    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    The beginning... First pics of stock 2002 sport 4runner. 120k. Will be a slow build but I'm sure the wait will be worth it. Plans: CBI Bumpers and sliders. Corbeu seats 4.88 gears, arb lockers Icon suspension/arb rear springs dual batteries fridge skids 255/85-16 cooper st's brake upgrade...
  8. Chadman

    2001-2004 Tacoma 4x4 Front mudflaps wanted.

    You have them?:coffee:
  9. Chadman

    WANTED 4Runner 3rd gen. cargo cover. Gray

    WANTED 4Runner cargo cover. Gray. For my 2002 Thanks, Chad
  10. Chadman

    2001-2004 Tacoma 4x4 Front mudflaps wanted.

    I'm in need of some of these mudflaps. Thanks, Chad
  11. Chadman

    Across the US on a bike

    Cool, good to see bike adventures on here! Looks like he timed it to go through Iowa during Ragbrai, always a good time!
  12. Chadman

    CYi5's '99 4Runner Buildup

    Cool I was hoping those would work. wanna take my running boards off but need a little protection from the elements. I'll probably be asking you allot more questions when it comes time to really start outfitting my 2002 4runner. Thanks! Chad
  13. Chadman

    CYi5's '99 4Runner Buildup

    I noticed in one of your pics you where running front mud flaps. Where these from a Tacoma?
  14. Chadman

    2010 Regular Cab

    May have missed this but do you have a manual or auto tranny?
  15. Chadman

    My Westfalia Syncro!

    Man this thread sucks now I want a VW again! I had so many good, and bad experiences with them in the past (fires, blown engines, naivety etc.) that I turned and went with Toyota. Wish I had never seen this. Now I want to sell my 4Runner and get a Westy Syncro! Here's a pic of the last (out of...
  16. Chadman

    Tire Pull: PlySteer & Residual Aligning Torque (RAT)

    So.. My dealer was telling the truth when he told me my pull to the right was from my tires. Add the 255/85-16 Interco TRXUS M/T to the list. These tire are awesome off road and on gravel roads but SUCK badly on pavement. Hope they wear out soon.