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  1. Darwin

    adding second AC input to Victron Multiplus

    Currently I have a Victron 24/3000 Multiplus inverter setup with a single AC input smart plug connection and 30 amp BlueSea double pole breaker I would like to add an additional 15 amp AC input. Is there anything dangerous or against some code that says I can't just spice into the input I...
  2. Darwin

    2018 Ram 3500 6.7 Cummins (SOLD)

    2018 Ram 3500 cab/chassis(SOLD) *Aisin 6 speed auto with exhaust brake *6.7 Cummins all stock with 23k miles, still smells new *Two package (4.10 gears) with limited slip *Newish Falken Wildpeak AT3W tires 37x12x18 Load range E (4,000 lb. rated) With full size spare *Method HD wheels...
  3. Darwin

    Wider wheels/track width and turning radius

    I have been racking my brain about the physics of changing to a new wheels that stick out farther than my current wheels, basically going from +18mm of offset to 0mm of offset and how that might affect my turning radius. My gut tells me that a wider track width would equal reduced reduced...
  4. Darwin

    Ordering Outbound Windows

    I am likely going to order some Outbound Windows coming from the Netherlands sometime in the next few weeks. If anyone else is interested in these camper windows let me know, we could save on shipping.
  5. Darwin

    New Camper Hauler

    Should be under GVWR now, all I need to do now is build the composite flatbed camper.
  6. Darwin

    Webasto Dual Top Reviews wanted

    I am considering the Webasto Dual Top airheater/water heater combo for my next build, but I am having a hard time finding any user reviews. If you have one, what has been your experience with it? Thank you
  7. Darwin

    1997 Dodge Ram 2500 4x4 Cummins Turbo Diesel Manual Trans(SOLD)

    1997 2500 12 Valve 4x4 Cummins with 5-Speed Manual Transmission Asking $10,000 I am the second owner of this truck, the previous owner was from Southern Utah (non salted roads) and took excellent care of it. Since I have owned it I have continued with that, oil changes, filters, etc. This...
  8. Darwin

    Line x bedliner to seal up Alaskan Camper? Rot prevention?

    I have thought about purchasing an Alaskan Camper, one of the drawbacks is the typical old school wood/siding/sealant method of construction. I wish they would try to be a little more innovative or use at least wood boat building techniques but I don't see that happening. One method about how to...
  9. Darwin

    Line X bedliner to seal Alaskan Camper?

    I have thought about purchasing an Alaskan Camper, one of the drawbacks is the typical old school wood/siding/sealant method of construction. I wish they would try to be a little more innovative or use at least wood boat building techniques but I don't see that happening. One method about how...
  10. Darwin

    Deciding between Webasto and Espar for heat and hot water and where to mount it

    Trying to decide going with a Webasto dual top evo or Espar hydronic for heat and hot water. One of the issues is I believe Espar says the unit must be mounted outside, which I would rather not do since I am planing demountable box mounted onto a flat bed. I would NOT be tying into the...
  11. Darwin

    WiFi booster for Mac

    Hello, I am about to embark on a 6 month journey through Mexico and Central America. I will be taking my 2014 Macbook air with me and would a way to catch free wife from a distance. Nothing too crazy, but I think it would come in handy for this trip. Adventures in skyhorse commented on taking...
  12. Darwin

    Need Solar panel and controller suggestions for truck camper

    Hello, I am looking for some advice on what would be the best solar set up for my camper. I have a 2011 Northstar truck camper with a Novacool DC fridge. The fridge is going in tomorrow and I also am installing a maggie rack roof rack system to mount the panels. My thinking and plans for the...
  13. Darwin

    2nd gen Dodge, largest size spare in stock location

    Wondering what the largest size spare I might be able to fit in the stock location on a 97 CTD. Trying to decide what what wheel tire combo I want to go with, it would be nice to have a full size spare in the stock location to keep the COG low with the Northstar slide in camper. I have heard...
  14. Darwin

    New Northstar pop up "artic insulation" package

    Sounds pretty neat, I am glad they decided to do this. I also like how they got rid of the window in the back door. Northstar seems to be keen on trying new things, I just wish they would try some other materials for construction methods. You can read all about it here...
  15. Darwin

    Need laptop suggestions

    My ten year old HP laptop is about dead, having a hard time even writing this, so I am looking for suggestions on which laptop to buy. I have been looking at the I guess what are called "ultra books" Specifically the new Samsung ativ book 9 plus, the Lennova Yoga 2 pro, and possibly the Sony...
  16. Darwin

    Camper list with cassette toilet option

    Looking at manufacturers that build truck campers with a cassette toilet option. Not that many from what I have seen. So far I know Northstar Livin lite any others??
  17. Darwin

    Commonrail Cummins reliability

    I am in the market for a new truck and I am curious about the reliability of the newer 3rd gen Cummins trucks. I currently own a 12 valve Cummins, and I am really familiar with this motor and truck. I like the simple mechanics of it and trust myself to fix anything that goes wrong with it...
  18. Darwin

    Hallmark pop up in Salt lake City

    Anybody in Northern Utah have a newer Hallmark Pop Up camper on a full size truck they would be willing to let me check out? I am thinking about purchasing one and would like to see one in person without driving all the way to Colorado.
  19. Darwin

    Need opinions Lance/Northernlie/alaskan/Northstar??

    I am looking for opinions, advice or suggestions about either of these brands of truck campers. I can not seem to come up with a decision about which one would suit my needs best. The vehicle is a 1997 Dodge Cummins long bed 3/4 ton. Here are my needs. Room for 2 people plus one 130 lb...
  20. Darwin

    255/100/r16 XZL tires on full size Dodge

    Anyone have any experience with these tires? I saw some on 1st gen Cummins dually that Redthies posted a picture of. They look like they could be a great tall and skinny tire for a full size truck. I believe they are 36.1 inches tall and 9 inches wide. Maybe too narrow?