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  1. roadkill

    M416 in TX

    price $1500, located in Sandia, TX (northwest of Corpus Christi) used this trailer with my LJ but I have since sold the jeep and don't really use this trailer that much anymore and looking to pass it on to someone who will use it rather than see it gather dust in my barn. 67 Stephens lift...
  2. roadkill

    06 LJ Rubi (TX)

    the time has come where I must part with my jeep. it has been a reliable wheeler for me but it is no longer my DD (have work truck) and I have other things that I could use the money on. truth of the matter is I do good to put 7500 miles on it in a year and take it offroad maybe twice a year...
  3. roadkill

    lightweight armor

    I know some of you here have probably already heard of Savvy Off-Road and may even be running their products. I'm running their gas tank skid and love it. its just a few pounds heavier than the stock skid and lots tougher. I replaced my warn with it and shed about...
  4. roadkill

    CB Radio....How to Optimize it's use....

    volume and squelch should be self explanatory the dynamic or mic gain controls how loud you are..."fire in the wire". usefull when talking close range and your radio has been "peaked and tweaked", lets the others understand what your saying alot better. you can turn it down when your close...
  5. roadkill

    Da Turdy Point Buck

    ok so I'm off by 22 points but its still not a bad deer for my place. shot him off the back porch on my twenty acres sunday morning. nothing like getting out of bed and shooting a deer within 5 minutes of waking up. my first deer on my own property. It feels nice and I bet the meat might...
  6. roadkill

    LJ storage drawers

    any other LJ owners here interested in some composite drawers that AT is now selling? the drawers they have in production now do not fit the dimensions of the LJ well at all. if I can get 5 people to step up Martyn will custom make a...
  7. roadkill

    craigslist find

    saw this on the DFW craigslist, looks to have some potential and the price looks reasonable. a small lift, larger tires and a beefed up hitch and whatever interior mods you desire and your set.
  8. roadkill

    M416 replacement tubs

    is there a source for replacement tubs (new repros or used) for the M416?
  9. roadkill

    0463 code on 06 Jeep LJ

    today for the second time I got a 0463 code on my 06 LJ (from my 01 FSM its a fuel level voltage too high code) . first time it happened fuel gauge went to empty and MIl light came on. I disconnected the battery and the code went away and stayed away till today (maybe 300 miles), the gauge also...
  10. roadkill

    ARB Simpson II rooftop tent

    the Sep 07 4WD&Sport Utility mag has a writeup on the ARB Simpson II rooftop tent. I belive I also saw a small blurb about this tent in another 4x4 mags new products listings and said it had an MSRP of @ $1500 IIRC. anyone have any first hand experiance with one or have seen it in person...
  11. roadkill

    trailer mounted tents

    I found out about this site from an expedition thread over on JeepsUnlimited. I recently purchased a M416 trailer with plans of converting it for use as an offroad camping/expedition type trailer. I am going to add a tailgate and utilize the tub area for storage and put a tent on top of the...