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    GMC Savana interior light replacement

    cargo bay lights got removed. anyone know where i could get replacement LED fixtures but Not the same style enclosure? i want a surface mount fixture which would accept the factory male plug and equal wattage (but i don't know what it was ...). thanks
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    GMC locking gas door source needed

    any reliable suppliers? 2015 GMC Savana people i've contacted suggested adapting but cannot/ unwilling to help. thanks
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    electrical supply source

    do we have a single source supplier for interior wiring, fixtures, & sundries? west marine catalog indicates they have a good range, but there may be something better. thanks
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    Shore / Landline - connection convention

    since my gas fill is on the driver side, do i plan to put electric & waterfill there also? (no propane intended) or absolutely not? or does it matter either way? seems the more i look, the more varied the locations. thanks
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    do i need sway bars?

    two part question: 2015 GMC Savana 2500 series V-8 tends to "porpoise" but factory tires and no load probably contribute to this. Q: would Hellwig (or other brand) sway bars improve handling? and anyone know of a reputable installer in the Connecticut/ Massachusetts/ Rhode Island area? thanks
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    planning & development

    hate to start a thread when there's already so many, but i think this has some value (link below). some days i just get tired of reading and need to be a passive audience, so i search the video interweb for interesting / entertaining content...
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    Structural Foam

    anyone injected structural/ pillar foam in their van ribs? i could see this as a good way to add a little lightweight mass & rigidity without breaking the bank. additional value if the rig is ever turned into a hightop.
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    GMC aluminum full roof rack manufacturer

    did the "search" thing and had two days of enjoyable reading but no answers to my specific questions. #1. for a pavement / dirt road 2 wd vehicle, is an aluminum welded rack the way to go? #2. is there a company that manufactures one, and offers it for sale in the united states? thanks
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    quarter round aluminum extrusion

    anyone know of a source for quarter round aluminum extrusion (similar to 80-20 part # 1517-LS Series) with a larger radius? it would not need to be a full compliment of components, but just the cornerpieces i need. maybe 2 1/2" radius? could actually be...
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    GMC Savana

    getting close(r) to placing the order for a 2016 GMC Savana 2500. any input on what to have or not have from the factory? thanks