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  1. Borrego60

    Dual battery solar controller.

    Dual battery solar controller, What are you using to charge both batteries from your solar panel.
  2. Borrego60

    For sale New ARB fridge baskets 37L and 47L.

    For the 37L basket $50 and the 47L basket $65.00 shipped on your dime.
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    Solar project for the Tundra.

    Added solar to the Tundra. Extra green paint has been removed from the panel.Waterproof connectors used and fused at the controller coming in from the panel and fuse again closest to the battery from the controller.. Wire used 10g stranded. Deka Group 31 108ah battery shown in the picture. The...
  4. Borrego60

    NIB ARB 47l/50Q fridge

    Brand new in the box never opened!!! ARB 47L fridge freezer, All papers, power cords and basket.I will also throw in a 2 month old remote sensor and transmitter., And a 1 month old transit bag to protect it Asking $1000.00 for all items firm. Located in Oceanside Ca 92056, Will except PaYPal if...
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    ARB replaced my 37QT with a nice new 50QT. I no longer need the transit bag from the 37QT, it is up for sale excellent shape $80.00 shipped on your dime to your address. Sorry no pictures at this time. Those who know me, know I take great care of my equipment.
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    ARB fridge Freezing all the time.

    Just noticed that my ARB37qt fridge thinks it is a freezer only. I am testing it now before I turn it in for warranty work. I have it set now at 40 degrees and a digital meter I have inside is saying -12 thats right -12 degrees. It is keeping ice cream solid as a brick. I have it plugged into...
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    I was out in Borrego the other week and had a flat tire on the left front. OK no big deal, broke out the bottle jack got it under the truck and the jack was to high, so I dug a hole about 3" deep lifted up the A arm and took off the tire. good to go so I thought, went to put on the spare and had...
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    Baja Design 30" light bar

    Thinking about buying a 30" bar from Amazon for around $700.00 and change. I know they are local,been to the shop in San Marcos. The only reason I am picking Baja Desings is the bar is only 1.5 inches high and will fit inside the ARB bumper on the truck. It is the height that I need anything...
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    I have met alot of people from the expo events here in California and I always get the same question where do you hide all of the radio equipment? Well I retired a Motorola Specta radio over the weekend and replaced it with a new digital P25 XTL5000 vhf radio and VRS. I strip the truck,seats...
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    AT slide for a Engel MT-45

    Looking for a slide that Adventure Trailers use for the Engle MT-45 in the Horizon trailer, looking for a used on not new. Please PM me.
  11. Borrego60

    Fiamma Awning and color match.

    Well this started out on the Portal in the adventure equipment for sale section. I was not able to go the the Expo to pick up my slightly use awning, I enlisted the help of Mitch and he was great in hooking up with Doug and getting the awning for me. I mounted the awning this weekend and did a...
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    Here is a neat little idea. Ever wonder what your solar panel is putting out power wise and see what the voltage state of your battery is, that is if your controller is not digital meaning no meter. I installed a digital panel mount volt meter this weekend and it works great. I hook this up...
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    This is brand new in the box never opened FT8900R with the sepration kit included. Asking $550.00, I purchaesd it for a trailer as a base unit for my Horizon trailer and never installed it or opened the box. Just want to get what I paid for out of it. Shipping is on your dime.
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    While camping in high winds I was tired of the wind lifting up my tent flaps and exposing us to the cold air. My buddy Roger and I were thinking about having some velcro sewn into the inside of the flaps and sealing out the wind, this would use the same velcro for the bug netting. The tent would...
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    Relay socket and pins

    I have the below relay, Pilot Automotive also has the same item. What I am looking for is the socket that will plug in to the bottom of the relay. Pilot Automotive makes a kit with the socket and wires ect but I do not need all that. Just looking for a source in the USA for the socket and spade...
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    Bullfinch Shower system

    Who has used them,do you like um, and any pictures of how you plumbed it with hot and cold lines with a pump?? Testing the waters so to speak. This would be the shower quick disconnect that AT sells. Have a diagram on hows its plumbed.
  17. Borrego60

    Cook Partner stove wind screen from SS wine rack.

    While my truck is in the shop I decided to make a wind screen for my stove. I had some left over AL diamond plate cut down to side and it fits great into the space between the stove and the slide. The other project was to convert a free wine rack into the same thing but with a twist. I cut the...
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    12 volt from vehicle to trailers battery.

    I want a better charge rate going to my trailer battery, meaning the 10ga wire from the 7 way plug is not cutting it. I have jumper cable style anderson plugs on the front and rear of the truck and I was going to make a harness out of 6ga wire from west marine. Question is what would be the...
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    Anybody heard of these batteries from Batteryplus? Model wkdc 12-100p as a replacement for the Deka 8A31DT battery. Looking into these shows 250.00 bucks. Any information would be great. Looking for 1 for my Horizon trailer. Not sure who makes them and just another name slapped on the side...