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    Seatback Cover/Organizer

    So we just picked up a new 2012 Toyota 4Runner SR5. It has an all black interior which is to say it has an interior which shows most mud once it has dried to a nice brown. I have a 5 yr old who is going to be quite tall it seems and is growing like a weed. Sometimes to get comfy due to sore legs...
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    Fishing apps?

    Are there any apps people can use to find fishing spots outside there normal area? Anyplace people share good spots or tips for spots? Thanks!
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    New 2012 4Runner

    So I just bought a new (to me) 2012 4Runner SR5. Its a big change in many ways from my 2001 4Runner SR5. The plan is to mount two NMOs which can be used for V/UHF (always) and hot swapping through GMRS, V/UHF DMR, and CB antennas as needed. I've run into a quandary in this plan though..... I am...
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    What Radio to Buy? Some tips to make a good decision

    All: This is my 2 cents on a really popular topic. I have been licensed more than 25 yrs and used a few radios, yearned for a few radios, and broken a few radios. Please add to this in the comments. Maybe we can sticky it and avoid the repetitive questions. Best mobile resource:
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    Tables under enclosed awning

    Just a quick question. The ARB Awning with walls comes as big as 2500mmx2500m (which looks like about 8'x8'). What is the biggest size folding tables have people fit in the enclosed space comfortably for eating or socializing? Thanks!
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    Android and Ham Radio

    I have a question for the group. I am an ardent Apple guy. I love my iOS and OSx stuff. I have used Android devices and frankly am not a fan. I do recognize, however, that it is an easier environment to work in for developing and innovating for amateur radio given how locked down iOS is (and...
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    Digital Voice

    Any Digital Voice ops? What modes? Use it on runs or just for fun or just for???? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Digital Voice Anyone?

    Just curious...anyone running DStar, DMR, Fusion or P25 in their rigs? Do you use them when you are running in the wilderness (or rugged back ways and by ways) with your group?
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    iPad for Nav

    The local cell company has an offer on a 32 GB iPad mini 2. Is that suitable as a Nav device? Is it too small to run mapping programs effectively? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Floor Mount Info

    I am looking at putting a floor mount in my 3rd Gen 4runner. The concept would be using a gas pipe flange bolted to the passenger side of the transmission hump or onto the floor and come up using a gas pipe. Mounted on the vertical pipe would be remote heads for a TS480 and an ID5100. Building...
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    Data Usage

    My new iPhone 6Plus screen is fantastic for GPS use. I've not had to use it much but play with it during commutes now and then. I don't run full time because I am concerned about how intense GPS apps may or may not be as data hogs. Anyone monitored usage and gotten ideas on how piggish or...
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    Jeep Install

    Tooling around I stumbled on this video of an install to a Jeep. Might give some folks ideas on what to consider/do for installing mobile HF/VHF/UHF. Not my video.
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    Garmin 24K Topo Maps

    I have a Nuvi and use it well on road. Probably would get a second for the wife's car. All the reading here suggests using a tablet with nonGarmin maps Anything bad about the Garmin 24K maps? The ones I saw can be on SD card so I'd just get the regions needed and route via base camp. Just...
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    New shoes for the 3rd Gen 4Runner...advice appreciated.

    Cross posted from T4R my appreciation for those who read it twice. All, Just got a new 2001 4Runner SR5. It has 170K on the Odo. We knew it needed tires, however, after letting the mechanic look at it our list of fixes is extremely short and focused on routine maintenance ( :party: ) However...
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    New Truck Install

    So I did the deed and traded in my 2001 Escape for a 2001 4Runner. This means that after about 9 years I need to do an install from scratch. I learned a lot in that time and the Expedition Portal has some great ideas as does the T4R 3rd gen list. So I am curious if anyone has done HF/VHF/UHF in...
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    I am NOT affiliated with this company!!! So I would pass this tidbit along to the other gadget geeks on here. I was gifted a really cool solar powered LED by Nokero a couple years ago. We have used it as a flashlight and as a room light at home when power goes out. (It lights...
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    Big guy's first hike.

    Well took the 18 mos old to a local state park last weekend. I decided since he was all about walking and playing outside we'd try and see how it went. Attempt 1: after breakfast we jumped in the truck and headed over the mountain. I got 2/3 of the way there and looked back...little bugger was...
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    National Overland Comms Plan

    Could we have a sticky with no comments other than local overland/off road frequencies? I know there was a post or two a while ago I lost track of advocating 146.46 as a national overland simplex frequency. There were regional frequencies as well but I forgot them. Could be a useful tool for...
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    Subaru Questions

    Thanks for reading this. A family member is getting her first car. She is going back and forth between a used Outback and Forrester. She probably won't do any serious over landing (maybe a ride in a state park) but I figured folks here know their gear and push limits. So the questions...Beyond...
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    HF Overlanding

    I do enjoy HF quite a bit from the mobile. I run a TS480sat with a Tarheel Model 75 as the primary antenna. I have Hamsticks as needed. I have considered a future 30m APRS set-up for the way off the beaten path ops but that is when I get a new truck. I also have used 40m and 60m when in the...