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    Frosty nights on the Trans Taiga late October

    Coming soon, still trying to warm up 🥶
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    65 days of Canada - 22000+km's

    OK, I am finally putting together a completed expedition thread. If you are browsing this forum daydreaming about doing something like you are about to see, make it happen! I had wanted to do a cross Canada trip for the past 10yrs but just didn't have the balls to leave my so called career...
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    Northern Ontario to Inuvik solo ride on now!

    ok, so far so good, had a thread up in planning forum but on the road now; 2800km in now. spent two nights on superior, beautiful is the only way to describe this shoreline, drove the truck into one spot, look at that fresh shiny waxed paint.. and had a short hike into the 2nd, my backpacking...