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    1996 Montero headlight damage

    I’ve got some extra headlights let me know if you’d like one
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    1995 Montero 5-speed PRICE DROP - SOLD

    Sold for $4,000 with the old wheels and tires.
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    FOUND ONE: Used Trasharoo

    Buy my Montero and I’ll include the trasharoo for free
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    1995 Montero 5-speed PRICE DROP - SOLD
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    1995 Montero 5-speed PRICE DROP - SOLD

    I've been looking for numbers, but I can't seem to find anything. Definitely not many out there, and a great rig. I get compliments everywhere I go!
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    1995 Montero 5-speed PRICE DROP - SOLD

    1995 Montero LS 5-speed. Last year of the cool dash with the grab handle in the US. This truck has been my weekend camping and touring rig. I do not off road this truck, though I do take it down dirt roads with a dirt bike on the hitch. I built this truck to blend in while being comfortable and...
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    Wanted: 2nd Generation Mitsubishi Montero 5-speed

    Surface rust on the trailer hitch and some surface rust on the frame, but no serious rust at all. Every bolt I’ve come across on this truck has been easily removed with hand tools. I can get some undercarriage pics later.
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    Wanted: 2nd Generation Mitsubishi Montero 5-speed

    Conversation started. Perfect timing as I was planning on posting for sale within the next few weeks. Clean rust free 1995. 245k miles with a remanufactured engine and new oem clutch at 190k. Timing belt and all associated parts getting done right now (in prep for posting for sale here). New...
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    Paint or other coating options

    Keep in mind raptor liner or similar makes a used vehicle difficult to sell if/when you want to move on
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    Not So Modest 2000 (Gen 2.5) Montero Build

    Killer deal for sure. I think the only reason it hasn’t sold is the raptor lining. Unfortunately buyers don’t really like it. But good luck with the sale!
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    1996 Montero sr thermostat housing... and revival

    Also got the front end together. It’s just temporary till paint time.
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    1996 Montero sr thermostat housing... and revival

    Put down some killmat and then a liner to isolate the cabin a bit. Probably not necessary, as in mu other gen 2, all the cabin noise is wind noise, while road noise is barely noticeable. But, while it’s apart… and put the new-used-washed carpet in. Looks better in person than the pics, and...
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    Possible Montero sport cv upgrade?

    really interesting, I’ve never known anything about cv axle joint until reading this thread. I did a quick google search and one of the first articles states that the Rzeppa is actually less strong of a design than the tripod of the same size. It does say that the Rzeppa offers more articulation...
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    Bilstein 5100 shocks for Gen 2/2.5 Montero

    These are the Montero gen 2/2.5 specific shocks provided by Adventure Driven Design with only 1,071 miles on them. Attached is a pic of the receipts with mileage from changing these out. I bought them, waited 5 or 6 months for delivery (covid delays), had my shop install them, took one trip...
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    Cats and Soft tops

    Put a large piece of cardboard or thin plywood that covers the entire top. They won’t like the hard surface enough to sleep on it.