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    Great Basin National Park Trip: Top 10 Highlights and More.

    Thanks for sharing your fabulous trip report. You Yankees sure do have some nice countryside!
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    Abandoned/derelict sites

    On a recent trip to the Isle of Skye we took a hike to a remote peninsula and found some curious workings. After bumping into a local enthusiast and a bit of Googling we discovered it is a very old canal. It turns out that it was built by Vikings and connects the sea with a small loch. The...
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    Advrntures in the dog house

    Amazing post, thanks for sharing and I would like t hear a bit more about the above ^^
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    Amazing First Overland Trip In The Books

    dickiedoo - great write up and many congratulations to you and the future Mrs dickiedoo!!!! Great stuff.
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    Greetings and felicitations Overlanderists!

    Lovetheworld - Thanks your your responses. I am looking at the Vanworx Maxtraxx conversion and I will admit I'm a sucker for a bit of bling, sad I know but there you go! To be honest, I like the look of the product but I feel it's overpriced. There are similar alternatives to the Vanworx...
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    Greetings and felicitations Overlanderists!

    Good advice, thanks Lovetheworld. I'll take a closer look at the fuel issue. With ICE becoming politically toxic and emission controls only increasing, getting something that I can drive, tax and insure in the UK and Europe without incurring extra costs is something that I feel I need to consider.
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    Greetings and felicitations Overlanderists!

    Thanks for your reply 'tanuki.himself'. All good suggestions and I'd include the new MAN vans (based on the VW Crafter) in that lot too. Do you think I should be concerned about he strength of the chassis on these types of vans? There are considerable discounts - up to 25% - available on the...
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    Greetings and felicitations Overlanderists!

    I hope you are all keeping safe during these unusual times we are going through? I have recently signed up to E.P to gain access to the fabulous wealth of experience and information on here. I'm based in the S.E of the UK, up on the Surrey Altiplano for those that are familiar with the area...