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  1. blupaddler

    Range on gas engines and extending? F-350/Ram 3500

    Hello. I've been researching upgrading from my current '03 Dodge QCLB to a newer (2010-2015) full size Ram 3500 or F350. Basically the early Dodge crew cabs just don't have enough leg room in the back for our two kids (6 & 8 plus dog) on trips longer than 4 hours. The kids are troopers and do...
  2. blupaddler

    Flippac camper - Full size longbed (8') - SOLD

    SOLD Flippac Camper. Full size, longbed 8' version. Good condition. I did open it up the other day and noticed a small cut in the front screen, about 3" long. Not too sure how it got there. But I'm sure it could be repaired easily. The remaining screens, zippers, and fabric is all in good...
  3. blupaddler

    Roamin Chariot - 8' bed - SOLD

    A Roamin Chariot pop up truck camper. Aluminum framed, lightweight camper, unsure of exact weight, I've been told they are around 700lbs. I had this on my Dodge Ram 2500, and barely felt it. Similar to a four wheel camper, but only the rear raises. The predesscor to all the new hip "wedge"...
  4. blupaddler

    2004 Dodge CCSB diesel 4x4 and Outfitter Camper- San Diego

    Seems like a pretty darn good deal for someone looking for a ready to go set up.
  5. blupaddler

    Callen camper - 3rd gen Dodge

    Callen camper - 3rd gen Dodge North County San Diego (mine)
  6. blupaddler

    Chalet Alpine --- Trail Boss Package

    For Sale: 2003 Chalet Alpine with Trail Boss Package Encinitas, CA (North San Diego County) NEW price $4900
  7. blupaddler

    Garage Cleaning/Moving - Winch Bumper, 5.10 shoes, ?

    FOR SALE: I am cleaning our garage in preparation to either move or sell our house. You never realize how much stuff gets "saved" for that rare, I might need this later on, moment. So, I offer my non-needed items up for your viewing pleasure... 1. Warn Winch Bumper. Came off a 1980's...
  8. blupaddler

    3 - Hankook Dynapro MT 295/75/16 San Diego $75

    FOR SALE: 3 Decent Hankook Dynapro MT 295/75/16 tires. All with 7/32-9/32 of tread left. They are evenly worn, and came off my SMB. I have a fourth, but it has a one inch slit in the sidewall (doesn't go through), but probably shouldn't be used for street. Location: San Diego, by SDSU...
  9. blupaddler

    1988 E350 Sportsmobile 4x4 - SOLD

    For Sale: 1988 E350 4x4 Sportsmobile Specs: *Ford E350 *460 Fuel Injected *C6 Automatic Tranny *4x4 (Front/Rear Dana 60 axles) *NP205 Transfer Case Miles: *67,500 on the odometer (But like most Fords it only has five digits, so unsure if it's rolled over or not) *10-11 mpg (Dual tanks: 18...
  10. blupaddler

    Early Ford Overdrive options?

    Background: I have a 1988 Ford E350 4x4 van with the 460 motor and C6 3-speed automatic transmission. As we all know, great trails and explorations usually involve some sort of highway driving. Since my van has the C6, highway driving isn't as pleasant or economic as it could be. I have been...
  11. blupaddler

    Anyone near Sandpoint, Idaho to look at a Landcruiser?

    I am looking at a FJ45lv in Sandpoint, Idaho, Seagle to be exact. I am curious if anyone is in/near the area that might be able to check it out for me? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  12. blupaddler

    GOOD parts suppliers, vendors, etc

    So, when I owned my Toyota, I used only Toyota parts. There is a great guy in New Mexico that gives people a discounted rate, usually wholesale. The reason I bring this up is because I know realize that I will more than likely do the same with my 1988 Ford E350. The main reason for prompting...
  13. blupaddler

    1988 E350 4x4 - La Ballena Gris

    Well... I guess it is about time to update everyone on my recent pile of steel. Quick background: I owned a 1994 FZJ80 for six years. Which is the longest I have ever owned a vehicle. She was a great vehicle and handled everything with ease. However with Mrs. blupaddler in nursing school, the...
  14. blupaddler

    NEW --- Vehicle-Dependent Expedition Guide (Edition 2.1) - SOLD

    SOLD Just as the title says... Vehicle-Dependent Expedition Guide, Tom Sheppard 2nd Edition Reprint with updates (blue colored) The book is still in the plastic wrapping. It has never been opened. It is in brand-new condition, just as when it was shipped out. $140 shipped with in the...
  15. blupaddler

    Favor: Need Ford guy near Hisperia (Victorville)

    Hello all. I am trying to track down one of the "elusive" Ford front Dana 60 axles for a van... I think I have found one up in Hisperia, which is just south of Victorville on the 15 Fwy. It is on a 1985 F350 pickup. I was wondering if someone could check out the truck/axle for me, before I...
  16. blupaddler

    Norcold TEKII (aka 60)

    not for sale: not for sale anymore... I have decided to keep
  17. blupaddler

    Engel MT45 (San Diego) $475

    My name is Robb, and I am addicted to fridges... Engel MT45 Rough Dimensions 20"H x 25"L x 14"W Really good condition. A couple of marks on the front and a ding on the back-shown in pictures. But nothing that affects operation. Comes with AC power cord and Cig lighter power cord. ***Adult...
  18. blupaddler

    Mitsubishi Vans? (not Delica)

    While out and about the other day I saw a Mitsubishi van in a parking lot. It seems very utilitarian, and has peaked my interest... I realize we cannot get the Delica's just yet like our Canadian friends. But I can't seem to find much information on these vans. I believe they were only made...
  19. blupaddler

    FS/FT: 1994 fzj80 Expediton ready (Fridge, Eeze Awn, GPS, & more!)

    FS/FT: 1994 fzj80 Expediton ready (Fridge, Eeze Awn, GPS, & more!) - SOLD 1994 FZJ80 Expedition prepped (and proven) “Mi Caballita” $9,800 San Diego, CA I have owned her since 2004, the longest I have ever owned a vehicle. Which says a bunch since most vehicles have only lasted me three...
  20. blupaddler

    Craigslist: 1989 Cummins Suburban 4x4

    NOT affiliated, though I wish I could be... :Wow1: 1989 Cummins Suburban 4x4 $9000 1989 Chevy Suburban 1990 Dodge Cummins diesel 1997 Dodge NV 4500 5 spd 1998 HX 35 turbo 3.23 gears front & rear 33" BFG all terains This...