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  1. rolando

    Land Rover ideas for Jeeps

    I am driving a Jeep (my third FWIW) and like these ideas as well. Isn't the goal of overlanding to "go places" (to quote that other brand ;-)), and therefore any idea that makes that possible is a good one?
  2. rolando

    What did you do to your Expo Jeep today?

    Installed a roof rack (Warrior Products Renegade).
  3. rolando

    Newbie moving to the USA

    I came to the US 7.5 years ago (from Germany) and couldn't even bring my Harley-Davidson with me. There is a difference if you come as a visitor (< 1 year) or for longer. If you want to stay longer your vehicle has to be brought up to DOT/EPA standards in advance, and that takes time - even if...
  4. rolando

    1991 Isuzu Trooper Overlanding Build

    Wow, what a nice build and write-up. Well done and have fun with your Isuzu.
  5. rolando

    backpack vs rucksack

    @Kiwi-Yank that's funny - in German we just have one word for it: Rucksack. That makes me think now about the male population...
  6. rolando

    Starting my overland build with my 07 JKU

    Warrior Products has a roof rack that follows your top's line. You might want to check out their Renegade rack. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  7. rolando

    Videos by Vincent Urban

    There is a new video out: in Morocco ( ... again - very well done, just like the others :-)
  8. rolando

    free stock photo sites

    Stock Exchange is what I typically use (
  9. rolando

    Hey Rich, yeah, that might be the beauty of being a travel soccer dad with games in Berryville...

    Hey Rich, yeah, that might be the beauty of being a travel soccer dad with games in Berryville and Front Royal :-) I am living in Loudoun county, though (up north, 5 minutes away from MD/Point of Rocks). Are you aware of Jeep/Overland meetups in our neck of the woods? Where do you want to go...
  10. rolando

    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    These are nice pictures. I wish we had something like this here in Northern VA ...
  11. rolando

    Glad that you have found a good deal for the running board issue - just don't spend too much...

    Glad that you have found a good deal for the running board issue - just don't spend too much, because you will miss that money for the Jeep you will show up with next year ;-) We should plan the next meeting in advance to set up a nice camp like the one in the photo below ... [IMG]
  12. rolando

    More Photos from the NE Overland Rally & Workshop

    Very nice pictures and articles. Well done :-)
  13. rolando

    Google Nexus 5 phone now available

    That is really a bummer. I do have a Galaxy Nexus and it still goes strong (and more "buttery" than my N7 BTW).
  14. rolando

    Really.............Independent Suspension...******?

    That is exactly the point - people don't want to change, but they will.
  15. rolando

    Really.............Independent Suspension...******?

    That is exactly what I thought when the TJ was introduced. We will get over it and buy what is available ... I do have a JKU now and don't mind the coil springs at all ... (But still love to see square headlights on YJs like my old one ;-))
  16. rolando

    Teardrop Recommendations

    I knew that sooner or later somebody will figure it out ;-)
  17. rolando

    Tire decision block!

    I have the Cooper STT on my Jeep (in a different size, 14k miles so far) and they work pretty well on road, off road, in rain. I haven't used them in snow, but I have read that this come soon to us here in the Northern hemisphere. They have a noticeable humming on the road and are heavy (load...
  18. rolando

    Teardrop Recommendations

    Hmmm, and if someone could explain how to rotate images here, that would be great ... Sorry for making you turn your head around ... The photo looks good on the iPad :-(
  19. rolando

    Teardrop Recommendations

    I agree with most of what you said - our TD has a sink and we just used it once ... Too small, the plumbing leaked and after a couple of days you have to replace the water anyhow. We also decided against the stove, just for the fact that you don't want to have grease stains on the inside of...
  20. rolando

    Teardrop Recommendations

    we have the 5 wide Silver Shadow since last year and pulled through 18 states in three weeks with a 2011 Wrangler (the 3.8 machine) and there was no reason to complain, quite the opposite ... even though it had to work harder at some mountains in the Rockies ;-)...