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  1. hovenator

    Closet Cleaning

    Like most of you, I have way too much gear. It’s time to clear out some unused stuff from the closet. All prices INCLUDE SHIPPING to the lower 48. PayPal G&S + 3%. 1. REI Wallace Lake flannel, orange/black, M…..$20 2. REI Wallace Lake flannel, brown/blue, M…..$20 3. Outdoor Research Chaos...
  2. hovenator

    WTB: Mystery Ranch ASAP

    Looking for a good Mystery Ranch ASAP pack in Foliage green. Would also consider it in Multicam. Let me know what you have. Picture is of the model ASAP pack I’m looking for.
  3. hovenator

    WTB: Factor55 Hitchlink

    Looking for a like new to new Factor55 Hitchlink 2.0 in Gray. If you have one to sell, let me know. Thanks!
  4. hovenator

    WTB: CRKT Hissatsu

    Looking for both the Hissatsu fixed blade and the folder. If you have either to sell, let me know. Examples of what I am looking for. .
  5. hovenator

    WTB: Camelbak HAWG

    Looking for a new or like new Mil-Spec Camelbak HAWG backpack. If you have one to sell, let me know. Would also consider a Linchpin. Thanks!
  6. hovenator

    OME “lean”

    I recently (2 months ago) installed the full OME suspension kit on my 2016 Nissan Frontier Pro4x. While the front HD coils netted the exact same height on both sides, the rear MD springs did not. I have a (+) spring on the drivers side and a (-) spring on the passenger side which is the way I...
  7. hovenator

    Closet Clean Out: Part 2

    All prices include shipping. 3. Outdoor Research Apollo Rain Jacket - Black - Large - Like New - $45 shipped A few items are still available in part 1
  8. hovenator

    WTB: Factor 55 Prolink

    Wanting to buy a Factor 55 Prolink Loaded in gray. Let me know if you have one to sell. Thanks!
  9. hovenator

    ARB lighting help

    I am installing an ARB bumper on my 2016 Frontier Pro4x. Which factory fog wire is + and - ? Also, where do you tap into the turn signals? I bought a like new/used bumper and the directions are missing. Thanks for the help!
  10. hovenator

    WTT/WTS: Factor55 Flatlink E

    I have a brand NEW Factor55 Flatlink E with Rope Guard in gray. I would like to trade it for either a NEW Prolink Loaded or NEW Prolink E In gray. SOLD! Picture of what I have.
  11. hovenator

    Closet clean out

    I have way to much stuff and need to unload some of it. 1. Cabela’s Safari Shirt. Light Tan. Large. $13 shipped 2. Columbia Field Gear Jacket. Black. Small. SOLD 3. Columbia Field Gear Jacket. Black. Large. SOLD 4. Eagle III-A Pack. Khaki. SOLD 5. Mountainsmith Drift Fanny Pack. Lichen Green...
  12. hovenator

    WTB: Mystery Ranch ASAP or 1DAP

    I am looking for a Mystery Ranch ASAP or 1DAP in Foliage. If you have one to sell, post here or message me. Picture is of the two packs I am looking for. Thanks!
  13. hovenator

    Nissan lift spacers and bed extender brackets

    Spacers fit Frontier, Exterra, and Pathfinder. 1. PRG 2-2.5 inch billet lift spacers (actual 1.25” thick). Lightly used. SOLD. 2. Nisstec 1 inch billet lift spacers (actual .5” thick). Lightly used. SOLD. 3. Factory Nissan sliding bed extender brackets. Never used. SOLD. Fits Nissan Utilitrac...
  14. hovenator

    Columbia, North Face, Mountainsmith

    Cleaning out the closet of some unused gear. 1. Columbia Deadwood Falls II flexfit cap. Size S/M. Green. New. $13 shipped. 2. North Face long sleeve button down nylon shirt. Size L. Green. Washed, never worn. SOLD. 3. Mountainsmith Drift lumbar pack. Lichen. New. $32 shipped...
  15. hovenator

    Stedi fogs for ARB bumper

    Is anyone using these in their ARB deluxe bumper? Mine came without lights and heard the original ARB fogs are pretty sorry. I’m thinking of installing these instead. Thoughts and opinions welcome.
  16. hovenator

    FS: Bilstein 5100’s for Nissan Frontier

    I have a like new set of Bilstein 5100’s with pro4x springs installed at the 1.5” setting for 2nd gen Nissan Frontier. I purchased them recently from another member with roughly 1k miles on them. I didn’t install them as I scored an ARB winch bumper shortly after purchasing them. I just want to...
  17. hovenator

    WTB: OME suspension for Nissan Frontier

    Looking for OME suspension for a 2016 Nissan Frontier D40. I am wanting the HD coils for the front and medium leaves for the rear, plus the rear shocks. If you have any or all of the parts let me know. Thanks in advance!
  18. hovenator

    WTB: Factor 55 offset fairlead

    Looking for a Factor 55 offset fairlead to fit the ARB bumper. Will purchase or trade for a new Factor 55 1.0 fairlead. Picture is of what I am looking for.
  19. hovenator

    WTB: Factor 55 Prolink or Flatlink E

    I'm looking for a Factor 55 Prolink or a Flatlink Expert in GRAY. If you have one to sell, let me know. Thanks in advance!
  20. hovenator

    FS: 2 Patagonia Vests

    For sale is 2 like new Patagonia vests. 1. Nano Air insulated vest (green) Large - SOLD 2. Better Sweater vest (gray) - SOLD