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  1. pugslyyy

    M923 A2 Camper

    For those of you who find a Fuso-based expedition rig a bit too "sporty"... :)
  2. pugslyyy

    Nimbl Evolution - #1 flatbed truck camper

    ...and that's not just my opinion. :) Thanks to Truck Camper Adventure for recognizing the Nimbl Evolution as the top choice out of the Top 6 Flatbed Truck Campers for Overlanding.
  3. pugslyyy

    ...and I went and bought (another) P38

    Owning a 2001 P38 that I bought new from Cole European in December 2000, I have this strange affection for this much maligned body style. After 230,000 miles and a fire (since rebuilt), it just has too much wear on it (and all the plastic bits are very brittle from the fire) It's easy to find a...
  4. pugslyyy

    Robinson Fuso fire

    Just wanted to let our friends know that we suffered a catastrophic fire at our house in North Carolina on Thursday night. The house is a total loss but the hard work of several area fire departments kept the fire from reaching our Fuso, though it is quite singed on the passenger side.
  5. pugslyyy

    Transmission output seal leak on 2007 FG?

    Anyone experienced this? Seems like the oil that was in my transmission is now in my transfer case. 2007 FG, manual transmission, 80/90 in both. First indication of the problem was oil pouring out the rear output seal on the transfer case. When I pulled the transfer case fill plug (not the...
  6. pugslyyy

    E-350 radiator?

    My radiator just went out, leaking at the tank crimp. Any better aftermarket alternatives or just replace with stock? 2010 6.0 Thanks! Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  7. pugslyyy

    Well I broke it, in Canada

    The actual failure occurred on the Dempster Highway, but I suspect that the real stress came on Highway 2 between Whitehorse and Dawson City. There are some pretty big frost heaves in the road (that are very hard to see) and I think that overtravelled the suspension. I scavenged bolts from...
  8. pugslyyy

    2007 FG clutch rumble?

    Getting a lot of noise from the clutch when in gear and below 2000rpm. Thinking throwout bearing? Any way to diagnose on vehicle?
  9. pugslyyy

    4M50 bolt size?

    I'm on the road in Santa Fe and a bolt sheared off on the front of my motor - can anybody tell me what size the threads are going to be on this? I'd like to go ahead and obtain the hardware to fix this, assuming I can get the rest of the bolt out. (This is the mounting point for my second...
  10. pugslyyy

    Guns into Canada?

    Can anyone educate me about bringing guns into Canada, tips and tricks? (I know I can't bring a pistol or assault weapon, just looking for practical advice on bringing something like a double barrel shotgun in for predator defense in remote areas.)
  11. pugslyyy

    So... anyone ever break their cab roof?

    There an interior support that is stuck with adhesive that goes across the center of the roof. I have an overhead console that is mounted to it and the front of the roof where the dome light is. Over time the adhesive worked its way loose. I used some construction adhesive to glue it back up...
  12. pugslyyy

    Stryker SR-94HPC 10 Meter Radio instead of CB

    Has anyone played around with these (or other AM/FM 10 meter rigs)? I like the feature set and configurability.
  13. pugslyyy

    automatic knife sharpener on indiegogo?

    So I'll go ahead and admit that I've already signed up / paid for this product - it is basically a CNC'ed knifesharpener combined with a scanner that profiles the blade and a camera that checks for burr formation. I like having sharp knives but am not a big fan of sharpening them (and my wife...
  14. pugslyyy

    6.0 PSD Vaccum Pump failure

    The vacuum pump went out on my E-350 today, seems to be a not uncommon failure and not a big expense. Just a bit of work to get at - had to pull the radiator to get enough room to get at it. Anyway, while I have everything taken apart, what else should I look at? I'm planning on - replacing...
  15. pugslyyy

    What's the perfect bed platform height?

    I'm trying to figure out the bed platform for my E-350, and am wondering what other folks experiences have been - what height works well to maximize storage space underneath while staying far enough away from the ceiling that you don't feel like you are sleeping in a coffin? Also, I realize...
  16. pugslyyy

    E-350 wiring question - tapping in to Smart Junction Box (SJB)

    I'm trying to understand the wiring on my 2010 E-350. The Smart Junction Box is fully populated with fuses, but on circuits that are not used the connectors don't have pins for the unused circuits. What is the best way to tap into and take advantage of the circuits that are prewired through...
  17. pugslyyy

    Build Thread - the V& (vanpersand)

    After about a year of searching for vans I found the one I was looking for - a 2010 E350 6.0 with under 65k on the clock. I bought the van in Delaware from a contractor who had used it as a work van - it has honest use but not abuse. It also had been under warranty and never had anything done...
  18. pugslyyy

    E-350 backup camera wiring?

    I have a 2010 that has the factory backup camera wired into the rearview mirror. Does anyone have any advice for tapping into the camera signal to plug into a larger screen? I'm a big fan of backup cameras, but that 2" diagonal screen in the mirror is a little too small for my eyes these days...
  19. pugslyyy

    Look what followed me home

    2010 E-350 6.0 with 65k on the clock.
  20. pugslyyy

    Raw water system

    Since I had to deconstruct my raw water system to get at the rear driver side leaf spring pin, I decided to change a few things. The tubing that it had been built out of was not rigid enough and collapsed during suction mode, so I wanted to redo it with something more rigid. I'm a big fan of...