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  1. scrubber3

    AEV 3.5” lift on 37s - 2015 JKUR

    Might want to consider a regear for those 37s. 4.56 or more
  2. scrubber3

    Overland XJ Build. Not my first Rodeo.....(video included)

    Alright, it's been more than a couple weeks. How's this thing shaping up?
  3. scrubber3

    Solar panel on the hood of a JK?

    I wouldn't simply from the heat of the engine. And the hood isn't stationary. But, there may be a work around. You'll just have to find it. Heat reflective products, wire protective materials, etc...
  4. scrubber3

    Storz's Project XJ!

    "IN" For the adventure.
  5. scrubber3

    2000 Cherokee - worth 10-11k?

    2 things: 1: that's too much money in my opinion. In 2017 I bought a rust free 2001 example with 175000 miles. It only cost me $1500. Needed a bit of work but it's a fine rig. Unless you just want a cherry XJ, I wouldn't purchase it, especially if you decide to offroad it. 2: the...
  6. scrubber3

    Evolution musings (long intro and a locker advise needed)

    You'll need it on hills more than anything. In which case the weight will go to the rear. I say rear all day every day simply because I've been there done that.
  7. scrubber3

    Fair price on 98 XJ

    Not sure what it would go for up in the NW, but here in NC I picked up a bone stock 2001 with no issues sans needing a wheel bearing for $1500 in 2017. Had about the same amount of miles as yours currently does.
  8. scrubber3

    1983 FJ60 Land Cruiser rebuild and upgrade

    I cannot explain how much I like this. Awesome job, man!
  9. scrubber3

    Overland XJ Build. Not my first Rodeo.....(video included)

    This is superb. Great job. Sent from my SM-N986U using Tapatalk
  10. scrubber3

    Anybody switched from Montero to XJ and can share your experience?

    I actually had a 95 montero. Did many things to to and took it places it had no business going. It always got me there and got me home. I sold it and got a taco TRD offroad. Fast forward a few years and now I have a 2001 XJ. Parts are everywhere and I've done a few things to it and with it, but...
  11. scrubber3

    99 Jeep XJ Build

    I've been to flagpole. Nice place. It started snowing on us while we were there too. This was back in 2012 though.
  12. scrubber3

    1983 FJ60 Land Cruiser rebuild and upgrade

    This build is the shite my friend. Love what you did to the instrument panel.
  13. scrubber3

    Jeep XJ Pop Top Camper Build

    That soft top is awesome. You should probably market that. The folks that take their doors off would throw money at you for one.
  14. scrubber3

    2000 Jeep XJ

    It's going to need gears and at least a Chrysler 8.25 in it because that D35 just won't do. You can find those relatively easy. I say find another mechanic and ask the folks selling the jeep to work with you on taking it to get it looked at. Most shops will look it over for a (usually) modest...
  15. scrubber3

    2000 Jeep XJ

    Ask about the gearing. If it's stock gearing with bigger tires, you'll need to address that.
  16. scrubber3

    Which one of you is this?!

    Not me but really cool
  17. scrubber3

    My 1999 XJ build thread

    Hood vents might be a good idea to help with the overheating.
  18. scrubber3

    Bought then Built XJ for EXPO and etc

    I like what you're doing. I have an 01 XJ that I'm currently building. Just keep in mind that if your current gears are anything less than 3.73, you'll need a new D30 carrier (that's sized correctly) if you're planning in running 4.10s. Also NAXJA is a good forum as well! Lots of great...
  19. scrubber3

    1983 FJ60 Land Cruiser rebuild and upgrade

    I really doubt you'll ever overheat with that radiator. Nice!
  20. scrubber3

    1983 FJ60 Land Cruiser rebuild and upgrade

    Im excited to see this finished!!