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  1. scrubber3

    Effects of vacuum on 4wd.

    What are the repercussions of not having enough negative pressure(vacuum) on the four wheel drive system? What about a faulty vacuum actuator? Signs/symptoms? Gen 2 of course(95).
  2. scrubber3

    Choice of first modification POLL

    Locker Winch Rock Sliders/ skid plate A garden on your roofrack If you were given a choice of these modifications to do to your rig first and money wasn't in the picture, you already had the other first things that YOU can think of....and all of that.... What would it be of these choices?
  3. scrubber3

    Nissan patrol vtec GQ in ghost rider 2

    I was watching Ghost Rider 2 Vengeance at the movie theater the night before last and what did I see?:Wow1: I really nice Patrol that the ghost rider and his nemesis were on the hood of while it was heading down the road. Awesome scene and one bada55 rig. I know, I drive a Montero... I just...
  4. scrubber3

    WTB winch 8000lb or greater

    That's right a winch that I can use on my new winch bumper. I don't need a $1000 Warn winch though. Just a nice working winch with all parts. I have $150 bucks for one. So if you have a winch but need the money, let me know. EDIT Found one and installed it today. Got a 9000lb Winch with a 2...
  5. scrubber3

    Scrubber3's long overdue build thread

    Okay ladies I am going to make this happen one way or another and I figured since I have obtained a nice winch bumper and have a snorkel in the mail headed this way I might as well start a build thread. So here it goes..... I bought my Montero in September of 2009 from a dinky little used car...
  6. scrubber3

    Installed my limb risers! Pictures inside

    Got done with my limb riser install today. Here are some pictures. Enjoy!!
  7. scrubber3

    Why to- not be complacent while working on you rig.

    The montero needed a new rear U-joint and I was in the mood to replace it today. So I did what any intelligent person would do and jumped in, started it up, put it in 4lolc, pulled the parking brake, put it in park, and turned it off. Figured since I wouldn't be under it long that I wouldn't...
  8. scrubber3

    Montero owners near Virginia up for a trail run?

    Just wondering if there are any Montero owners in Virginia or the surrounding areas that may want to hit a trail or two up in the next couple of months. You guys on the west coast are more than welcome to trek on over here as well if you think you can handle real mud. lol... J/K Really, I am...
  9. scrubber3

    Wide versus narrow tire for off road use. What says you?

    After purchasing my new tires, I got to thinking about an article that I read a few months ago that started me thinking about getting these skinnys. It made perfect sense. Here is a link: What do you guys think...
  10. scrubber3

    Tire size calculator and gearing calculator

    I was plundering around the Crazy world of the internet and found this! A very useful tool if I may say so.
  11. scrubber3

    Tire pressure on skinnys? 33/10.50/15 Balance beads?

    Just installed some new 33 10.5 15 BFG KM2s on my rig and I was wondering what the general consensus was on road and off road air pressure with a light to medium load. I also went with the balance beads to see if they actually work. Took it up to 70 with no vibrations. What do you guys think of...
  12. scrubber3

    Manual hubs=light flash

    A couple months ago I installed manual hubs in my 95 Montero LS. I was just wondering if it is common to have the 4x4 indicator light flash when putting a load on the engine. The 4x4 solenoids are new. I figure it is just the norm that the system detects that the front is not moving anymore or...
  13. scrubber3

    Jerry can holder/ mount options

    I recently acquired an old 5L jerry can and need a mount and a place to mount it to the Montero. Preferably on the outside of course. Any ideas? If you can add a picture to the suggestion, it would help tremendously. I do have a roof rack, but I only have one jerry can and I don't really want to...
  14. scrubber3

    In the market for a full size diesel truck

    I may be in the market for a full size diesel pick-up very soon. I really like the Duramax/ allison combination, but I know that dodge offers a power wagon that had a solid front axle that can be had with front and rear lockers. Cummings engines are great as well. Just not sure about their...
  15. scrubber3

    I know, 35 inch tires = regear but.....

    Has anyone put 35s on a generation 2 with 4.6 gears and not regeared? If so, what was the outcome? What about 34 inch tires?
  16. scrubber3

    Now this is a wonderful idea

    If this works, we can have a lot of overseas vehicles here in no time! Online petition that takes less than a minute to sign. Please don't just read this and sigh. Take a moment and help get the "good stuff" over here!!! THIS PETITION IS TO CHANGE THE DOT/ EPA EXEMPTION TO 15 YEARS INSTEAD OF...
  17. scrubber3

    Veteran's day

    Let us not forget the American Veteran today. It is because of those who sacrifice so much that we can be free. God bless all that serve and have served our nation's military. You are all my brothers and for those we have lost, I will see you again and we can finish our game of spades. Hooah...
  18. scrubber3

    Runs poorly on 93 octane

    You read it right!! I decided to treat my 95 Monty LS with premium and it got really mad at me. Hesitation, hiccups, and just angry at me! drained most of it to put in the G35 and filled up the Monty with 87 octane. Ran just fine afterward. Darnest things sometimes.... Any thoughts on this?
  19. scrubber3

    In need of a tow hitch? READ THIS!

    About a year ago I was at a local farm store and found a tractor tow hitch that looked like it would fit the Montero (gen 2). I got the bolt pattern off of it and compared it to the bolt pattern on the Monty and it looked like it would fit. I bought it and bolted it right in!! I've pulled...
  20. scrubber3

    Just got an air locker and need info!

    Okay, found a 1994 SR that still had the rear locker with air pump and switch. Took the rear out, grabbed the pump, pulled the switch. I found it in a pick and pull when I was looking for a condenser fan. (Switched that out already) The price was amazing so I didn't hesitate. Now I need to know...