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  1. mep1811

    Battery switch and circuit breakers for sale El Paso, TX

    Blue Sea battery switch and two Waytec panel mount circuit breakers one 40 amp and one 200 amp. $70.00 for all three Priority shipping included. Located in El Paso, TX
  2. mep1811

    Two panels one battery

    I don't think there will any issue.\ Would there any issue using two separate panels, each with a controller, on the same battery?
  3. mep1811

    Adding an aftermarket XM antenna to a 200 series

    The 200 Series always had spotty XM radio reception which got worse when I put the roof rack on. Ever since I was trying to figure out how to add an aftermarket antenna. Thanks to @BigMF on Ih8MUD, for his work on identifying where the plug was and a great video on how to take the radio out...
  4. mep1811

    Cover for Gazelle gazebo

    I have a protip I thought I'd share. I have a Gazelle gazebo. Due to the size I carry it on the roof and the cover is already fading in the Texas sun . I found a patio umbrella cover fits perfectly. This should lengthen the life of the original cover. I don't know if there is a patio umbrella...
  5. mep1811

    Fly fishing question

    I have a old Fenwick backpacking fly rod (7ft) rated for 6 weight. I would like to use it on small streams/ brooks. Should I use 6 weight line or go to a lighter line? Or is my tippet size more of a factor depending on the fly I'm using? Thanks
  6. mep1811

    Water tank venting on roof

    What has anyone done to vent a roof mounted water tank ? I have a Frontrunner water tank and would like to mount it in the middle of the roof rack. Before it had it mounted on the side of the rack so I could just get on the tire and loosen the cap. I was thinking of putting a barb in the cap...
  7. mep1811

    Magruder Corridor Trail

    My wife and I drove the Magruder Corridor Trail last summer. Toyota Trails magazine published my article " A Long Time Gone" about that trip. I hope you enjoy it .
  8. mep1811

    GX460 "tailgate" for side opening door

    Is there any sort of mod that makes a drop down "tailgate" for a 4 Runner with the side opening door? Thanks
  9. mep1811

    Badlandsexpeditions in Print

    Below is a link to the articles I've written about different trips. I hope you enjoy them and welcome your comments. I have a new one coming out in the next Toyota Trails.
  10. mep1811

    2019 Forester Sport build

    My wife has shown interest to have her Subaru Forester Sport build up for some off road excursions. First up was an Ironman suspension. Unlike other lift kits for the Forrester this is a full suspension replacement not a spacer lift. What a great upgrade. The car rides great on off road...
  11. mep1811

    Charging auxiliary battery

    Why can't I use this to charge my auxiliary battery? I have a aux battery pack in the back of the Forester I use to run the fridge at night . During the day I charge up the battery pack with a small inverter and a A/C battery charger. I'd rather to charge of the vehicle charging system. Since...
  12. mep1811

    Subaru Forester running power thru firewall for constant hot in rear

    My wife has a 2019 Forester . Is there a easy way to run some wires through the firewall? I'd like to get power to the rear of the car for the fridge. Thanks
  13. mep1811

    National Luna dual battery system install in 200 Series

    Has anyone else installed a National Luna dual battery system in their 200 series ? I installed the system and had a series of issues of it not working. It seems to be it is overheating in the location I mounted it to. It is on the P/S fender by the firewall . It seems that location does...
  14. mep1811

    Badlandsexpeditions on the road COMMs

    I've been getting different messages from people saying I spotted you on this road or that road. So I thought I'd post this up. Hope to hear from you on the road. — in Thermopolis, Wyoming.
  15. mep1811

    Camino del Diablo

    OutdoorX4 magazine just published my article on a trip on the Camino del Diablo. Hope you enjoy and I welcome your feedback.
  16. mep1811

    Scenic Maps for Android ?

    Has anyone found a standalone mapping program for Android like Scenic Maps for Apple? Thanks
  17. mep1811

    F/S Snowpeak Baja Burner stove El Paso,TX

    I have one Snowpeak Baja stove . Works just fine. It is used and has seen real world use. Real world use means the stove has been used to cook on during trips. The stove has been packed as equipment and the sharp edges of the stove have caused small tears in the thin Snowpeak bag. $155.00...
  18. mep1811

    Inexpensive Rhino Rack mounting anchors

    My friend (kai38) found that these spring nuts for unistruts work perfectly in Rhino rack platform rack as anchors. The thread is 3/8 20. You could also use screw in an eye bolt in for a tie down point.
  19. mep1811

    Webley Mark IV help

    Any Webley gurus out there? I have a Webley Mark IV 38 with a cross bolt safety. Plenty online about Webleys and nothing about the safety. I'm sure this model is a civilian model due to the lack of any lanyard ring and police or military markings. Thanks
  20. mep1811

    Why Do Government Officials Want to Ban Ham Radio? It’s Already Begun in California

    Interesting article.