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    Sold it this afternoon. Logging in now to update post.

    Sold it this afternoon. Logging in now to update post.
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    1998 100 Series in El Paso, TX-sold

    I have decided to sell my pride and joy 1998 Land Cruiser. It’s been a ton of fun to own, modify, and hit the dirt in but I’ve decided to get a newer vehicle. Asking $10,000. See the notes below Specifications: 1. Approximately 215k miles 2. Emerald Green 3. Zero rust – been in dry...
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    ICOM 2730A with separation kit

    I thought this was too good of a deal to keep to myself. It is on sale at gigaparts here and after rebates, it's 279 (plus there is a summer discount code for additional $10 off). I have had the Yaesu 2900r but never found a mounting option to my standards in my LC 100 because the 2900 is so...
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    2004 100 Series RedSoxCruiser Build Thread

    Hey @Red Sox Cruiser, I am brainstorming where to install my Ft-2900 in my 100 and found this thread. Are you still happy with your mounting location? I know the 2900 can get hot so is it ever an issue for you in the CD Changer location? Mine does not have a changer so from the looks of...
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    LED finger lights for kids

    My kids went nuts over some of these LED finger lights that were being sold at a school fair last fall. I am going to order 80 for the next outing I am planning with my kids and some family friends with kids too. They don't last more than one night or two but for about 17 cents a light, who...
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    Lets See Your Fold Down Tables!

    JackW- kudos. I really like that idea and just might need to copy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Okay let's see everyones camp/ 4wd kitchens!!

    Last weekend, I picked up my step-dad's Chuck box that he put together in the 90s. His days of doing the legwork for camping are behind him because of his Parkinson's. There is nothing too customized about the box itself but it has just about everything you need inside. I spent a few hours going...
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    Air Mattress - Made from same material as whitewater raft??

    TwoTrack - I just ordered the same mattress after reading the good reviews on Amazon (not to mention the price!). It should be delivered today. I hope I have the same experience as you've had. Here it is on amazon -
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    HAM Operators- Post up here

    Forum Name: DustyTrail First Name: Tyler Call sign : KG5FCP Freq usually on: 2m / 70cm Location: El Paso, TX