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  1. RoamIt

    MB Atego 4x4: ex-fire truck conversion to expedition support truck

    Nice! How high is the interior ceiling in the rear section?
  2. RoamIt

    Importing Advice Canada

    I purchased a MB1224 through Terra Exp. Still in process, as I don't have the truck yet, but so far has been no issues.
  3. RoamIt

    MAN HX60 Expedition Truck Build

    Looks awesome- Congrats!!
  4. RoamIt

    Realistic weight or length limits?

    Classic example of commenting without knowing :rolleyes: Solar panels, charging while driving, one battery installed, one always on charger ready to switch out, vastly improved range is already happening. And who says I'm trying to be 'clean' when I'm driving a 10 ton diesel beast? And I'm...
  5. RoamIt

    Probably the best steps I have ever seen

    Well, it is a bit tongue in cheek ;) But repairing an electric motor like this is not a thing, it's a replace. Actually looks like a winch operated contraption.
  6. RoamIt

    90's vs. 2000's Unimog Parts

    FWIW, I had all the fluids/filters changed in my truck before it leaves Europe. Buys me some time to source/stock up on spares :)
  7. RoamIt

    1120 AF Build in Norway

    Looks "turn Key" which I like!!
  8. RoamIt

    Probably the best steps I have ever seen

    Ok, then modified electric folding lift is the answer :cool: Or electric steps:
  9. RoamIt

    Probably the best steps I have ever seen

    This prompts a question I've been mulling over. I gather not having the steps touching the ground is for 2 purposes?: 1.) Preventing debris from getting on the steps that necessitates continual cleaning. 2.) Preventing an access route into your habitat by various creatures. My question is...
  10. RoamIt

    Probably the best steps I have ever seen

    I certainly appreciate the design and machine work! Now to copy them in carbon fiber....
  11. RoamIt

    Realistic weight or length limits?

    I started out thinking I would be in the 6x6 35' camp. But definitely want to explore cities as well as remote areas. I'm shooting for a 24' build and my solution (for what's it's worth) for the places that that size rig is too big for is a "motorcycle sized" vehicle. Indeed, there are going...
  12. RoamIt

    Freaking COVID vs adventures grrrrr!!

    I think we all should indeed educate ourselves about the vaccine/virus side effects: From Mayo Clinic: Vaccine Side Effects COVID-19 vaccines can cause mild side effects after the first or second dose, including: Pain, redness or swelling where the shot was given Fever Fatigue Headache Muscle...
  13. RoamIt

    Mercedes Overland Building/Tuning

    I imagine there's a lot of variables. Overall weight of rig, terrain regularly traversed, alinement, how many squirrel's that were run over, etc.
  14. RoamIt

    1983 MAN M1001 (KAT1) 8x8, 400hp V10, $15k Texas

    If I had 250,000.00 to rebuild it, I'd buy it ;)
  15. RoamIt

    Mercedes Overland Building/Tuning

    Thanks Neil. Hard to believe that their getting such low mileage out of such an expensive tire. I've definitely decided not to go with 20" rims. Whether I do wide based tires or not will be decided once I get the truck and conduct some testing. It may be an expensive test, but hope it pays...
  16. RoamIt

    MB 1120 Coming to America!

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing!
  17. RoamIt

    What cool things are powered from your upfitter (aux switches)

    Yep, I have a fire truck ;)
  18. RoamIt

    rust prevention coatings

    I've never had it crack on me before, but I've never used it on a long wheel base rig. Based on what I've heard here, and some digging I've done since, I am going to try the Linseed oil on my rig. Proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks ;)
  19. RoamIt

    Cost of a 20" box build out?

    That's my experience so far, they can be ordered with any configuration you'd like. The new builds are using composite panels, they bill them as their 'lightweight' options. Once I went with importing a MB, I knew it was going to be $$$. But I think I can mitigate a lot of cost by prepping...