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    1998 100 Series in El Paso, TX-sold

    I have decided to sell my pride and joy 1998 Land Cruiser. It’s been a ton of fun to own, modify, and hit the dirt in but I’ve decided to get a newer vehicle. Asking $10,000. See the notes below Specifications: 1. Approximately 215k miles 2. Emerald Green 3. Zero rust – been in dry...
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    ICOM 2730A with separation kit

    I thought this was too good of a deal to keep to myself. It is on sale at gigaparts here and after rebates, it's 279 (plus there is a summer discount code for additional $10 off). I have had the Yaesu 2900r but never found a mounting option to my standards in my LC 100 because the 2900 is so...
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    LED finger lights for kids

    My kids went nuts over some of these LED finger lights that were being sold at a school fair last fall. I am going to order 80 for the next outing I am planning with my kids and some family friends with kids too. They don't last more than one night or two but for about 17 cents a light, who...