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    Jeep Gladiator Go Rhino rack system

    Listing this for a neighbor. Please look carefully at the pics. There's a lot going on there. She's asking g $1500
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    Suggestions on vent fan for 29” A.R.E. DCU

    Whether you decide on the smaller or larger, make sure it is reversible.
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    While visiting my sister outside of Austin, I stopped in at Sportsmobile. Ours is definitely not a Sportsmobile. The good folks at Sportsmobile came out and viewed it. They have some very impressive units for sale.
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    SEMA Show 2021

    Abominations abound!
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    Jeep JK - 2011 manual transmission issues

    Clutch slave cylinder.
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    The asking was 25K. I can't determine who built it, but it's way too good to be a major manufacturer. It's in our driveway now. Let the adventure begin. New tires all around . Good service records. I've got 320w of solar panels to add plus a few other mods before we take off on a six...
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    No markings anywhere. No factory manuals. Service records from 2009.
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    Thanks for the quick response. I'll try to post pics in the AM.
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    My wife found a Mercedes Sprinter SWB (118" WB). She thinks it is a Sportsmobile. How can I be sure. It's in good condition, 130k miles, twin beds, shower, porta potti, small sink, 110 hot water heater, 110 fridge. 15 (?) gal fresh water tank, 20 (?) gal grey water tank. Sink drains to 5...
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    Recovery Points for E450

    I'm trying to plan for several upgrades while minimizing interference amongst them.
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    Recovery Points for E450

    Mine is 2wd currently.
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    Recovery Points for E450

    Also, Ujoint has some nice bumpers with optional recovery points. A little more expensive than a pair of take offs tow hooks though.
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    Recovery Points for E450

    I hate it that you're having to talk to yourself online. On my E350 based class C motorhome, I'm planning to modify an existing front receiver hitch so that it sandwiches between the frame horn and the front bumper and has two 2" receivers that I can use for recovery points. The receivers...
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    Not mine, not affiliated. Looks like a good deal...
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    VHB questions

    I just checked the package. was the Amazon vendor. The red barriers strip says 3M VHB and the inner cardboard roll say 3 M VHB. No numerical designation. The replacement came from one of the local parts stores . I used all that I bought so I don't know the numerical designator.
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    VHB questions

    Yes there is. I ordered a roll a few months ago to secure my transducer to the transon on my boat. I let it cure for 10 days. Good thing I only took a short ride before I checked it. It was hanging by the wire. I reordered the real stuff and have many hours without a problem.
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    Chevy Roadtrek 190 Weldtec Lift and Lockers Questions

    Once you lift it and add taller tires, regearing will be a necessity. Might as well install the locker of your choice at that time.
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    Camper starter? Marketplace Staunton, VA
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    Looking for a side window for my flippac

    Harrisonburg. $350...