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  1. RoamIt

    Mercedes Overland Building/Tuning

    I'm perilously close to importing a MB firetruck, I have some pic's & description, but I'll get first hand confirmation of condition/specs in a few weeks. As I prepare myself mentally for what could be the colossal mistake of thinking I can convert this monster into an overlander, I thought I...
  2. RoamIt

    FMTV for World Travel?

    There's always the big debate over base trucks. Has anyone here actually travelled with a FMTV rig outside of the U.S.? Any actual experiences to share with parts/repairs? I've been searching for an older Mercedes but those are hard to come by and before I start any importing madness, I...
  3. RoamIt

    Importing Advice

    Hello! I'm ready to take the first step in building an overland rig. The plan is a common one, do the build, travel the US working out the kinks in the rig (and myself!) then South America, overseas to Europe, etc. My rationale is based on Mercedes being widely distributed/parts availability...
  4. RoamIt

    Cost of a 20" box build out?

    Hello, I have an idea of the cost of a 20' habitat box from Total Composites, what I'm looking for is some idea of what it would cost to finish the inside. Of course, I know this will vary widely. But with the parameters below, does anyone have some experience to share? 1.) Can do most of the...