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  1. McBride

    2016 Expo West

    Anybody here going this year? We have a small group heading out on Thursday.
  2. McBride

    Sonora Rally/Dakar Challenge!

    Check out the latest Sonora Rally press release! The Sonora rally has formed a relationship with the Dakar Rally! It's limited to the motorcycle class this year. Next year they are considering the cars too. Winner gets free entry into the Dakar with full bivouac support. This is huge! Rally...
  3. McBride

    Cortez Rally Raid in a GWagen???

    The recent Expo article about the new Cortez Ralły Raid event got me thinking that something like that might be a lot of fun. Has anybody here done one? The couple in the article had what looked to be a moderately modified Subaru and completed the course - in first place I think. My...
  4. McBride

    G's at the Expo

    Any of you guys taking your G's to the expo next weekend?
  5. McBride

    Hutchinson Beadlocks and Tibus Portals

    An Offroad/Tactical Vehicle builder I know in ABQ has recently developed a relationship with Wolfgang Tibus and Hutchinson. In the next couple of weeks he is going to place an order with both companies for some of his clients. The Tibus US price is going up in a couple of weeks so if anyone is...
  6. McBride

    Shock recommendations for heavy G

    Greetings. I think the rear shocks on my G Wagen camper are beginning to get soft. I've recently noticed a bit of side to side slop when driving very slowly on a pitchy dirt road and it doesn't smooth out the washboard as well as it used to. The lateral slop isn't noticeable when I'm driving...
  7. McBride

    Purchased an Expedition G Wagen

    Greetings. I have been reading this forum for several months now and it has helped me tremendously in the process of learning about my recently purchased G Wagen Expedition vehicle (and expedition vehicles in general). Thank you all for that. It is a pretty cool and well executed build. I've...