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  1. ttengineer

    Ram OEM Retrofit Projector headlights and OEM LED Taillights 2010-2018

    I have a set of OEM projectors with FXR projector retrofit and 60w Morimoto HID drivers with Phillips 5500k bulbs. These also include morimoto led 2 stroke high beam bulbs. These are the absolute brightest headlights for RAM trucks available as far as I know. I ran this set up for about 2...
  2. ttengineer

    180 deg awning options

    I’m looking for a 180 deg awning. Preferably one that triples in size like the Darche version but folds up to around 72 inches. The “rear” version I’ve seen is nice but it’s too short for my full size. I think it’s more designed for midsize trucks and SUVs. Any one know of any options...
  3. ttengineer

    WTT Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisper Sizing

    I have a near mint grey MH hooded ghost whisperer jacket in a size large. I’d like to trade it for an equally well taken care of size XL. Color doesn’t matter much. If you’re interested let me know. I may be willing to sell it at a discount of the cheapest online price if an XL trade is not...
  4. ttengineer

    James Baroud Black Grand Raid XXL w/ awning and Tunnel - SOLD

    I have a new James Baroud Grand Raid XXL in black with tunnel and awning that has only been slept in one night. I’m asking $4300 I just took my family of three and a dog out in it only to find out we will soon be a family of 4. So my loss is your gain. The awning and the tent tunnel give...
  5. ttengineer

    WTB James Baroud Tunnel and Awning

    Looking to buy a James Baroud Tunnel and/or awning in good condition. Looking for the 79 inch version preferably. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. ttengineer

    Knockoff iKamper

    Recently I saw a post for a knockoff iKamper for sale and was intrigued by the changes from the iKamper original design. So with a little google-**** I found this: It seems to have better windows and a larger roof opening and a more “aggressive” looking...
  7. ttengineer

    James Baroud Tunnel Awning and 270 Awning

    There was a thread about the new James Baroud tunnel awning but it has been deleted for some reason. It had great info on how to mount the awning as well as some info on a possible 270 degree version. Anyone know why it was deleted? @rino @adventureready Not sure what’s going on but just...
  8. ttengineer

    AEV Dual Sport Track Bar issue

    I have a 2014 with the R46 recall bracket. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with the AEV track bar. As you can see from the photos one of the M10 bolt heads rubs the track bar. I am just completely sick over this. And I’m more than pissed AEV has not released a statement warning owners...
  9. ttengineer

    270 deg square back?

    Does anyone know of a company that makes a 2m 270 degree awning that has a full 2m length square back? I want an awning that has full coverage over my full size tailgate with the ability to add walls/wind breaks. I’m looking for quality products and not junk. Any help is greatly...
  10. ttengineer

    Help me choose a 30" light bar

    Looking at adding a light bar to my factory high beam wiring. I think I've got it narrowed down to VisionX, Rigid, and Baja Designs for brand but I have no idea what model I want. 30"-35" is the size I need. So what model or brands have y'all had great success with and why do you like it...
  11. ttengineer

    DIY James Baroud 270 deg Awning

    It drives me crazy that no one other than Foxwing makes a 2m 270 awning and with the introduction of the nw JB tunnel awning I think now is the time for me to put my money where my mouth is. I want to create a custom JB 270 awning possibly even one that integrates to both sides creating a 3...
  12. ttengineer

    WTT white James Baroud Evasion XXL for dark grey XXL

    I have an Evasion XXL in white that I want to trade for a dark grey XXL in an Evasion or Grand Raid. Let me know if youre willing to work something out. Mine has only been slept in 3 nights. I would also be interested in a green one, but I know they are rare. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. ttengineer

    Take me to School: Camp Stoves

    I'm fairly new to "overlanding", but not new to offroading or camping. Traditionally, I backpack. I would consider myself an Ultralight hiker with a base pack weight of 9.5lbs before food and water. I currently use an alcohol stove that weighs 3g so gourmet cooking is not really possible...
  14. ttengineer

    iKamper Skycamp initial thoughts and observations

    So I bit the bullet and did the KickStarter. I received the tent 2 weeks ago and mounted it last week. First trip with it was to Overland Expo East. All in, it cost me $3000, that includes the annex, awning, and canopy. I opted for the medium ladder at 94" in length. Here are my Positive...
  15. ttengineer

    FS Ram Box Expedition rack - Atlanta

    I have an all aluminum expedition rack for a ram box 6'4" bed. It requires no drilling or fitting and uses all factory hardware AND works with a Tonneau cover. It also has 2 removable cross bars for full bed access with grade 8 bolts. Currently its uncoated so you can paint it, powdercoat...
  16. ttengineer

    Custom RTT Mattress?

    Does anyone out there know of any companies making custom or replacement RTT mattresses? I have the new Skycamp from iKamper and the mattress is abysmal at only 1" thick. I've found these guys in CA but they are currently not making the mattress due to high shipping costs...
  17. ttengineer

    Rear awning versus 270 deg awning

    I want coverage over my tail gate when I'm cooking but the 270 awnings do not come square off the back and leave some tailgate exposed. Is there a 270 awning that comes square off the back or a rear awning that covers more area with "wings" I know the Alu cab awning is square off the back but...
  18. ttengineer

    Does anyone make a trailer with 37's?

    Does any company make an expo trailer that will fit 37's and 8 lug wheels? What about 40's? The biggest I've seen are 35's and that is just a few, most are tiny little 33's. And all appear to be 5 or 6 lug. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  19. ttengineer

    Expedition trailer without the trailer?

    So I am looking for a very specific product and I'm not even sure if anyone makes it so I'm reaching out to the inter webs for some help. Essentially I want a expo trailer, like turtleback, patriot camper, conqueror etc, that does not have the axle and frame. Basically a box that I can put...
  20. ttengineer

    Black Bear Pass in a Ram 3500 CC SRW w/ 37's, is it Possible?

    I've got a Ram 3500 SRW on 37's and I am considering a trip out to Ouray. I need to know if Black Bear is driveable for my truck. I've heard stories of guys with DRW doing it but no pictures or actual first hand accounts. So, can it be done?