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  1. Mighty Dodge Ram

    How Would You Spec It? Ovrlnd Camper

    ^^^ This. I'm tired of bending over to climb "under" getting in the back of the truck. It would be much easier to climb up into the bed area. Would I miss the tailgate? Yes...for about a minute.
  2. Mighty Dodge Ram

    The Status of Overlanding Today

    Exactly. Once the true “cost” of RV ownership…maintenance, fuel costs, storage…comes home to roost, there’ll be a glut of lightly used, late model units for sale. Want to buy a Class A or C? Just wait until late next year.
  3. Mighty Dodge Ram

    22 Silverado 2500HD build

    Yup, that's their standard CYA comment. While its true in general, it's only true because they don't/won't take steps to go the extra mile around the bed rails. Now the tailgate...that's a different story. I hope the follow-up visit works out.
  4. Mighty Dodge Ram

    22 Silverado 2500HD build

    I have a Leer, leaks like a sieve, unlike the Snugtop on my Ram. 🤬 Even though it’s under the window I’ll bet it’s coming from the front. On my Chevy the bedsides wrap up and over the front wall where the canopy sits. Just that small difference in thickness is enough to force water through, and...
  5. Mighty Dodge Ram

    Thinking about dropping the hi-lift

    I’ve used my MaxTrax, same technique. 👍
  6. Mighty Dodge Ram

    Interior Wall and Ceiling Materials Advice

    Luan and indoor/outdoor carpet glued to it. Took care of condensation dripping down on me (dries quickly when exposed to fresh air) and added a layer of insulation and sound deadening.
  7. Mighty Dodge Ram

    recap: Mods I wouldn`t do again for overlanding

    I’d think twice about a winch, not so much because of the winch but due to the mounting requirements. Unless your vehicle has a hidden winch option the bumper weighs a ton. Disregard if you need the bumper for frontal protection. Hi-lift jack. Heavy and potentially dangerous. I’ll trade the...
  8. Mighty Dodge Ram

    Hands on, or end result?

    Depends…”man’s got to know his limitations.”
  9. Mighty Dodge Ram

    Non LT Tyres(Tires)

    Load ratings. Max PSI on my wife’s P-metric Michelins tops out at 41#. That’s fine (barely) for the kind of road trips we take. Anything heavier would require an LT LR-D max PSI 65# or LR-E like the ones I run on the truck…max PSI 80#.
  10. Mighty Dodge Ram

    From VA to the west coast in a 7.3L

    All good advice about sleeping under a shell, the carpeted ceiling/sides make a BIG difference. I had a BedRug in the Dodge 👍 they don’t make one for my model Chevy. I used a plywood floor and ”other brand” (don’t remember the name) of carpet for the floor. Very nice on a cold morning. For a...
  11. Mighty Dodge Ram

    Advantages of ground tents over camping in your vehicle.

    I really like sleeping in tents…but seldom do anymore. The ease of climbing in the back, the superior weather protection (especially high winds), and the added security if I’m away from camp all point to the back of my truck and “hi-rise” shell. I do miss the roominess and stand up height of a...
  12. Mighty Dodge Ram

    Cots talk

    Roll-A-Cot. Packs small, simple set-up, two widths to choose from, and comfort adjustable. I’ve used them in a tent, in the back of my truck, at our cabin, and on a horse pack trip. 👍
  13. Mighty Dodge Ram

    Suburban please

    From my '02 2500HD XC LB 6.0: Rough measurement using channel lock pliers (no caliper available) dual 3# in & out. Dual out reduced to single almost immediately. Hangs far too low.
  14. Mighty Dodge Ram

    Airing Down a 2017 F350 SD, Diesel, Crew Cab, LB ?

    Chevy 2500HD XC LB 265/75-16: For dirt/FS roads I generally drop by 50%. With my typical load that means around 30# front, 35# rear. If I hit bad washboard another 5# or so until my teeth stop rattling around. Ex: I run 25/30 on the Mojave Road with no issues. I think most “modern” wheels and...
  15. Mighty Dodge Ram

    Really? A 12v oven?

    In terms of dinner, I’ve swung from complex campfire cooking to simple boiling water and freeze dried meals. I’ve ended up somewhere in the middle using a camp stove, minimal cookware, pre-prepped food, and little or no water clean-up. The Travel Buddy is another valid method with that idea in...
  16. Mighty Dodge Ram

    Does wind deflector help mpg ?

    I didn’t miss the point, I just wasn’t clear in my reply that in my experience (driving pickup trucks and suvs with roof racks) wind deflectors do not increase fuel efficiency appreciably but rather that speed (reduction) is a greater factor. But I do agree with the comments re: noise, bugs...
  17. Mighty Dodge Ram

    Why does no one use a high truck shell?

    Thanks for the reply!
  18. Mighty Dodge Ram

    Does wind deflector help mpg ?

    Agreed with the comments on speed being the biggest factor. I get better mpg pulling a low utility trailer 55-60 mph vs no trailer 65-70 mph.
  19. Mighty Dodge Ram

    Tire recommendation needed for ride quality and mild offroading

    Based on your priorities Shovel has pointed you in the right direction.
  20. Mighty Dodge Ram

    Why does no one use a high truck shell?

    Is that rack custom?